Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tokyo on a budget

Hello hello blog.
Its been a while I know!

Well, I have been preparing for our Tokyo trip with limited budget.
I really need to keep it low in budget - super over budget ang leisure for this year.
      2015 is my most travelsome (is there such word?) year.
      In January, I went to El Nido Palawan (we took the plane straight to Elnido, yep - expensive. And stayed in a  really nice resort)
      In June, I went to Sydney Australia and tour with best friend (visa fee + non Cebpac flight is ouch+ did you know hotels is Sydney is expensive?! buti I shared with Almira).
In October, i went to Seoul in South Korea on business trip.  Eto okay lang, kasi walang gastos -  tumubo pa :P

Anyway, here goes for the Japan trip...

Japan Visa Fee - P990
Yey, i got 5year multiple entry.
After numerous free cancellation bookings in -  I finally booked accommodation at Airbnb.
New users get P950 off  on their first booking, so I registered Glenn an account.
I was ready to pay P4,500 per night but was of course looking for something cheaper :D

Day1-Day 3
Shinjuku Station area P6200 for 2 nights (already with the P950 discount)

Shibuya Station area P2,984 for 1 night
I booked this 4days before our trip. I have been looking for cheap rates for a while, pero nun ko lang nakita yun.  Maybe as the trip gets closer -pag ipit ang date minumurahan na nila.  I dont know...

Portable Wifi
Global advanced comm Eco Wifi is 3480Yen for 4days ~ P1,800

Airport to Hotel  RT Tokyo Shuttle Bus 900Y/one way  ~P950/RT

It ends at Tokyo Station or Ginza Station. Just transfer to subway to Shinjuku.

Unlimited Subway Pass
Tokyo Subway Pass 1500Y for P800 for 72hours

In our previous visit, I bought the JR-Tokyo Metro-Toei for 1560Y/day.  So i spent ~5000Y/person para sa tokyo tour namin for 3 days kasi i want convenience dahil madami kami gusto puntahan.  Or i was just too lazy to study the most economical way.

But in this trip, we have all the time.  We can walk and look for Tokyo metro station and use our pass.
We actually dont have itinerary!  Ang goal lang namin is to eat  Ramen and eat at Shake Shack dahil meron sa Tokyo.
Gusto ni Glenn magikot-ikot sa Shinjuku and Shibuya - dun naman ako nakakuha ng airbnb so i dont think we will use train that much.

Let you know how this went in the next post.

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