Monday, January 7, 2013

Whatta Week!

First of all, Happy New Year!
I cant believe i didnt make a year end blog report.
I have been busy in December, nag attempt ako na mag daily blog noong december, pero Dec 4 palang na :D

2013 started by challenging my emotions.
But hey,  my God is greater..kaya keri na keri  :D
Last week was so much fun too!

Let me start by Glenn being drunk on January 1.
So freakin' drunk he puked at our bed. ahahah
I was having so much fun listening to everything he says, but later i got so irritated kasi he wont sleep, eh me pasok pa ako kinabusan at kailangan ko matulog.

Its funny miski laseng sya, he wont stop telling me we have to clean his mess.
He wanted us to bring out the bed cushion and wash it so it will dry the next day.
Hello, at 3AM!
Nag galit-galitan ako kunwari para matulog na.  he was still so kind sabi nya
"Okay, matulog ka nalang dyan, gagapang nalang ako"
ahahaha.  He is still so mabait even at his worst :D

So when i went to work, i was still worried about Glenn.
He was so wasak.
Then when i opened my mailbox.  Oh, a not so nice mail.  I swear Im not at fault!
Oh well..whatever.

Then i received a great news i got a raise :D  Thank you!

The next day, i met ny Hitachi friends at Festival Mall Alabang.
I miss them all.  I had a great time really :D
Malou, wag tutulog tulog-ok? ahahaha

Did you hear the news about Kawit Cavite gunman?
Read here
I heard about this a few hours after it happened while i was in the company service car.
I called mom to ask her if she knows about this and if the casualty is related to us  (Caimol)
She said no.
Mom says that when this was happening, my kuya Alan was biking his way to work in Kawit.
Dahil umuulan, sumilong sya sa isang tindahan and waited there a little while.
Then the gun man walked infront of him-looking at him.  Kuya did not move.
Tapos me dalawang bata na magtataho ang dumaan and the gunman shot the two!
My kuya froze in shock.  And the gunman walked away.
Winarningan si kuya ng tao na nasa tindahan na wag muna gagalaw until makalayo ang gun man because he seemed to be shooting any moving object.

Kuya said if it didnt rain, siguradong makakasalubong nya yung gunman and will shoot him.
Thank you Lord that he was spared.
Actually the next day, i was so affected that i was vomiting all day due to stress.

Then the next day, i met with our home contractor.
Hindi ko pa nakukuha ang housing loan, my dad offered to lend me muna a huge portion of my loan para masimulan na.  Napaka masaya!  No requirements needed, cash out na in two banking days. ahaha. Love you mom and dad :D
We will be starting construction on Jan 12.  Sabi ni mami kasi daw ay Full moon or kung ano man.

O diba, kalokang week?


Lloyd said...

Hi Jamie, kinilabutan ako sa story mo sa Kuya mo. Thank God na safe sya. Ako nga na hindi na encounter yun ilang gabi din ako affected sa nangyari. God bless you and your family! Happy new year!

tita chen said...

Thank you Lord for protecting Alan.