Monday, July 30, 2012

What have I done to deserve this....

Well, my husband is sweet pala!
Goodness, this was unexpected. 
I told him there's an Iphone 5 coming in a few months so i think the price will still go down.
He just asked
Glenn:  "Pero gusto mo ba?"
Jamie:  OO, pero kasi hindi ko naman magagamit dahil iiwan sa guard blah blah..
Glenn: "Pero gusto mo ba?"
Jamie: Beh syempre!!!
Ayun, order ako sa Kimstore ng Saturday for pickup ng Sunday.
Thanks Glenn, mwah! mwah! Shy naman ako sayo.  Siguro meron kang gustong bilhin no?!

Okay, mula ngayon.  Tipiran festival ulit kami, be ready to eat grass Glenn :D

Saturday, July 28, 2012

On being 5 years married...

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary to us!

When i was around 15years old, when my mom and I were in church, she told me
"Ipagdadasal mo din parati ang magiging asawa mo
Kinunutan ko lang sya ng noo, being the manang that i am i could have replied "Nay, youre so lande!"  hehehe

Ofcourse she meant that she prays that in the future I be married to a good man.
And yes, I am :D

Malamang, nauuta na kayo on my entries about Glenn. 
But this blog is intended to be of Glenn. 
This blog is like a diary, kaya minsan miski ako lang nakakaintindi ng "joke", i still publish it. Because its meaningful to me :D

That in the future, if we ever we face difficult times together, i may just have to backread my blog so that i be reminded of our wonderful times and not dwell on a single event.  Kaya kaya yun?
(hahaha, does it sound like nagreready ako for the dark times to come? Hindi naman, maganda na yung strong foundation :D)

Today I posted this on Facebook about him

5 things I love about you on Facebook

1. I love that you never reply to any of my posts on your wall. Its! =D
2. I love that you deleted the Backstreet Boys concert ad i posted on your wall. Oh, you are so uncool!
3. I love how you hate receiving notifications that you've been tagged in a photo that has nothing to do with you. Sungit!
... 4. I love how you get irritated whenever i keep liking stuff..not knowing im logged in your account. :D Its your fault, you dont log out.
5. I love that you will tell me later that this post is so jologs. hahaha

Happy 5th wedding anniversary to my loving, snobbish, kind, harsh, funny, OC, great husband Glenn! — with Glenn Borja.

Take a look at the number of likes for this post :D
Wow, 56 likes is a lot.  Thank you!
No thanks to Glenn.
See, i told you i need a strong foundation so i will not dwell on this single event him not even liking this post.
Okay got to go, ive got some backreading to do :D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

He's not romantic..or am i just too dramatic?

Blog title was from the lyrics of the song Night by Night by Chromeo.
 "She says Im not romantic, i say she's too dramatic"

Glenn says when he first heard the song, he laughed and thought of me.

Our 5th year wedding anniversary is two days away.
I asked him what his plan was..eto sabi nya
Glenn: "plano?  bat ako lang.  Plano natin, hindi ko naman annniversary lang.  Anniversary mo rin, ikaw magplano"
 OO nga naman! hahah

When i went to Iloilo,  i asked him if he missed me. Wag ko daw nga syang pinagtatanong ng mga ganun-ganun. hahha.

When i got back from the airport, when i opened my laptop. Napangiti ako.
Kasi the browser was on PAGASA website. concern din pala, he must have been worried na baka meron LPA at maturbulence ang flight namin.  O diba, me puso naman pala!  kilig!  OO, ganun ako kababaw :D

Two days later while he was dressing up for work.  He asked me to open the laptop.
Open Pag-asa website daw.  He checks it to see if  it would possibly rain tomorrow so he will wear suitable wardrobe


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shame: Zero Tolerance for Alcohol

Yes, i find it a shame to not be able to drink alcohol. '
Miski konti lang.

In every dinner at Korean Restaurant in the office, hindi pwedeng absent ang Soju!
Syempre hindi sila maniniwla na allergic ako.
So para once and for all malaman nila...i took 1 shot.
Nagulat sila kasi almost immediately, i flushed red.
Edi "Are you OK?" sila ngayon lahat sakin. hahaha

So alam na nila na no-no ang alcohol sakin.

Last night is another dinner event.
Its the first time with the President.
Ngayon nya lang nalaman na hindi ako nainom, ofcourse i say im allergic.
I hate that i have to explain it again, kasi alam kong iisipin niyang nagiinarte lang ako to get away with being drunk. But i dont want to show him the evidence, i dont want to go through almost 2 weeks of itchiness.

But the President doesnt buy it. Accckkkk!
He gave me 1 shot of beer instead.
PANGET ng lasa ng beer, diba? Anyway,i took a sip narin.

Here is my pic with our President. My semi-rosy cheeks from 3tbsp beer :D

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is it too late to learn to play guitar?

I heard this at a church presentation 2 weeks ago, and i fell inlove with the song
In my life, its only these past year that i have been singing everyday. I wish i learned to play a guitar. I skyped Glenn today telling him im getting a child guitar. Hindi din daw sya marunong. Ackkkk...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Enjoying a sick day

I went sick leave for 2 days.
On the first day, I woke up with a bad sore throat and slight fever, texted my boss I cant report to work. 
I forwarded the same message to Glenn and added LONGGANISA MEAL to imply na uwian nya ako ng breakfast meal.
Instantly he called me back, he was delighted Im sick.  tsk.tsk.

I was in bed all day.  Sleeping and whenever Im awake, i was watching Grey's anatomy Season6.
The next day was worse, severe headache + colds.  Then the next day asthma + cough. 
O diba, grand slam!

Through all these, Glenn has been nursing me :D
Girl na girl ako! ahihihi

Sunday afternoon, i was well so went to see Dark Knight Rises at SM Rosario.
Nung papunta na kami sa SM, ang sarap ng feeling na sakay ka lang sa kotse, sya na bahala magbukas ng gate, abante, tapos baba sya ulit para sara ang gate.  Ang saya saya, no?! :)
Abuso na ba? 

Thanks! mwah! mwah!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mother-daughter bonding day

During one of of Airphil Express' promo fare earlier this year, i thought of having an overnight getaway with mom.  Kaming dalawa lang. 
I havent been to Ilocos, i wanted to see Vigan.  She has been there, but i think she wouldnt mind going back.
So ayun, i booked :)
Promo as it is, i still paid P2000 for our roundtrip fare.  Arggh..ang mahal na!

Tapos i sent the eticket to mom :)
Then she replied that we are going to eat Lapaz batchoy.
Lapaz?  Aww...i booked iloilo pala! hahaha

Guimaras is an hour away from Iloilo, Bacolod is also an hour away.  So i wasnt too sad about mistakenly booking Iloilo instead of Laoag.

But mom wouldnt ride a ferry!
Okay, we'll just go to church and eat batchoy in Ilocos :)

Call me an inconsiderate daughter having to make my mom leave Cavite at 230AM for our 4:40Am flight. 

This was such a nice view from the plane i enjoyed for several minutes.

Its so different landing in Iloilo, hindi puro yero ang everywhere :)
Their airport was nice too

A day before our departure, mom called Sarabia Manor hotel to reserve. 
I was surprised they were so kind to waive the early checkin, i was expecting we be charged half rate.
We checked in at 7AM, our deluxe room at P2,000

By the way, outside the airport, there are public vans that will take you to SM Iloilo for P50, its around 45minutes ride. From SM Iloilo we took a cab to Sarabia (~P70)

Since we lack sleep, we slept till 11AM!
We didnt have anything planned for this trip kasi ayaw mastress ni Mami.  Gusto nya magrelax-relax lang daw.
From Sarabia Manor, we went to Robinson's mall because that is where we can get a jeep to Miagao Church.

Lunch at Deco's

Few meters away from Robinson's is the Super Terminal.
The jeepneys there are pimped out.  I forgot to take a photo :(
The ride was 45minutes long and we paid ~P50 each.  Punuan to the max!  Walang nagagalit kasi tigil ng tigil, unlike dito sa cavite.. hehehe

We got to Miagao Church at around 1PM.
Sarado and it wont open till 4PM for mass.  Huh? We dont want to wait, so sa labas nalang nagpapicture

Dont mention it, i know ang taba ko ngayon
After a few minutes we headed back to Iloilo City, and attended mass at Jaro Cathedral.
Then slept early.
Woke up.  Buffet breakfast at the hotel.  Waited until 12noon till we check out.
Then SM iloilo, yehey!  Hahaha, seriously i was happy to be in SM!
Namili ng maramng butterscotch to take home.  Had i known it was soo good, i would have bought more.
From SM iloilo, meron van to airport. 

Up in the air on our way to Manila, nakakatakot kasi andami thunderstorm.
Kung gaano kapeaceful ang view ko papunta, ganun ka disturbing pabalik.
The closest thunderstorm show i have seen. Arrgh! 

We didnt have anyone pick us at the airport.  It was only 8PM, i know mom and I can manage.
We rode a metered taxi to Baclaran (~P180).  Should have taken the airport shuttle bus i saw, dadaan din pala dun.  P15 lang ata.

Kung gaano karelax kami sa Iloilo, stressed pauwi.  Nakatayo kami ni Madir sa bus hanggang Bacoor :D
Sorry mom.

This was a happy get together with mom. 
I like doing this, i am reminded of how much i miss her.
Mami, next year san tayo? 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

" We could have had it aaaaalllllll, rolling in the deeeeeeepppp"

I have one staff resigning to try her luck abroad.
They are truly so dear to me and im kinda lonely na mawawala isa sa pinakamatagal :(

My staff love videoke.
So we had a send away party at Videoke-han.
Honestly, wala na akong alam na IN na kanta.
Im stuck with Britney Spears and Mandy Moore era.

So i did my assignment the night before and listen to this Adele.
Im sure they will be singing her songs.
Oh yeah, this one is good.  Rolling in the Deep, this was playing in SM appliance one time.

So i listened to it several time for me to get the notes (me ganun pa talaga)
I was so ready!
But when we got to the venue

Walang Adele sa song list. Gah!
Ay nakakainis.. birit na birit na ako.

Abeng!  meron ba nito dun sa pinuntahan natin?  Punta tayo paguwi ni Cel ha.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Glenn's HK Trip

Last year, napagusapan na ng magpipinsan nila Glenn na gusto nila magHK.
Syempre May-I-Join-kami!
Pero nakapagbook na ako that time ng trip namin para Feb 2012.  So iniisip namin, baka 2013.
And nagkaron pa ako ng Bangkok trip ng May.

Then one of his cousins, Jep, was selected to represent in an international Dragon Boat in Hong Kong in July 2012.  Since, andun narin sya...magsabay sabay na ang magpipinsan.

I was still weighing if my thick face could ask for another vacation from my boss.
Pero ayoko narin, nakakahiya na.  Pati magastos, pati ang OA ko na kung 3 international trip for the year.

Sa mga travel namin, si Glenn sasakay lang yan ng eroplano.  So i am expected to do all the plane/hotel/mtr ticket booking.

Luckily, miski May na - nakakuha parin ako ng P4,200 RT ticket per person. Okay na yun!
I booked them at our favorite hotel - Royal Pacific Tower in TST.
I got it for P16,600 for 3 nights.  (I wish it was this cheap last February - July is really a cheap month to travel)
I also purchased their MTR online ticket.  Glenn's credit card is my supplementary, for some reason the system wont take his card, so I used mine.

When i received the Order Confirmation, eto ang sabi
"At the time of collecting your ticket(s), you will be required to sign an acknowledgement receipt. The signature you use must be the same as that shown on the credit card you used for placing the order. "

Toink!  Although i know Authorization letter would do, syempre gusto ko padin magpaka-stressed!
To confirn na it is alright, I mailed, also sent a message via their Facebook account - no reply.
I have no other option but to call their 24/7 hotline
(O diba, yung natipid ko sa pagonline purchase, sa sulitIDD lang napunta :D)
Pero..wala parin ako napala sa hotline, kasi puro answering machine lang.  Walang option to speak to an operator. 

Before sila umalis, inayos ko na lahat lahat. 
Like yung rehistro ng kotse na ipepresent para sa ParknFly.
Nakaseparate na yung pang travel tax nila exact amount (Kasi syempre si Glenn ang pipila-pila sa counter, i just know he will hate it pag sinuklian sya ng maduming pera! hahaha)
Hindi na nga photocopy ng CC ang pindala ko...yung actual na!
Para akong meron anak na magfifirst day of school!!!! hahaha

I was anxious to know how it went with the immigration.  Alam ko kasi medyo harsh sila sa mga first time travellers.  Pero hindi sya nagtetext, kitang kita ko sa flight status na arrived na eh!

I tried to call and it says "not in service"  Grrr...the roaming didnt work.
I called Globe to (ofcourse complain) request activation again ASAP.

Im sure they will find a wifi spot, so i was hoping he'd mail me.
I installed chikka in the phone he bought, there's also Viber, i also installed Gtalk.
I wasnt home that day, i was out with Apple and Sha. 
So inactivate ko ang internet data ng phone ko baka sakali magparamdam.

7:40AM ang aarival nila sa Hongkong.
Hulaan nyo kung anong oras nagparamdam sakin.
7PM!  Arrghhhh.

Tapos later that night, i checked my instagram account.
Guess what....Nakapagupload sya ng photo sa instagram ng 11AM.
Diba naman, nakakagigil talaga!

Anyway, at night we talk for around 30minutes in Viber just for me to know how his day went and how much he has been spending. LOL :D

Here are his Instagram photos

BTW, what is with the immigration officers these days???
I have been travelling since 2004, pero ngayon i feel like they are especially unkind. 
Alam mo yun -  tetestingin kung masisindak ka.  

Glenn's most recent encounter
Immigration Officer:  Pang ilan mo ng passport ito?
Glenn:  (thinks) Hindi ko na po mabilang
Immigration Officer:  Sa susunod dalhin mo din lahat ng old passports mo.

Ganun?  What will you they do with expired passports?
sdalsjkca sjdq~!!!!!!

I was alone at home 5nights.  I badly missed Glenn.
I was soo lonely.  I didnt cook, i didnt do anything but sleep early.  Imagine, i didnt even visit mom's home.
I just want to be lonely at home.
Ang OA ko no, para namang hiniwalayan ako.  LOL

When he got back.  He was so happy to show me his merchandise!
Look, he copped 2 pairs of sneakers.


Yun nga, mas malungkot maiwan kesa mangiwan.
Next time, hindi na ako magpapaiwan.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


WOW, i was smiling from ear to ear when i read this.
Thank you.
Naman, feeling celebrity-celebrityhan naman tuloy ako.
Thank for reading my blog.
Just say "whats up pukaykay?" when we cross path again so i can say thank you for making my day brighter :D