Monday, April 30, 2012

I love you Sabado

At work, we have this holiday swapping scheme.
Which actually works for most of us, because the admin swaps it in the nearest Saturday (parang GMA's holiday economics) para yung mga uuwi ng Manila will have 2days off (yes, we have work on Saturdays)

Inis kami kasi within the day, we received several memo's na iswap-hindi swap-swap..
Only this mellowed down our inis, all 16 of us in R&D got a free halo-halo from bossing  :)

I have been excited about Saturday to come because we are to watch
The Avengers.  Im very fond of Iron Man, Captain America is very cute..Thor is too.  Whats not to like about this film, diba?

Remember cinemas before na pwede tayo pumasok miski kalagitnaan na? Tapos one-to-sawa ulit ulitin? heheh
Thats not applicable now. 

We have to wait for the screening time.

 Long queue
The movie was nice.  Iron Man is humorous as expected :)
I cant wait to see Iron Man 3.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Silence means . . .

I have observed my dad has been frequently on facebook.
Hmmm....nasa prime addiction stage sya.

One time he was on the pc and patrice came and said she wanted to watch cartoon.
My helpless dad gave way.
Jamie:  "gusto ba dadi ng tablet?"
Master: "Ano yun?"
explain explain na hindi kami nagkaintindihan
Jamie: "yung katulad kay tito Ed"
(naku patay....Ipad ang kay tito Ed, i cannot afford to get him an ipad)

He didnt answer.

The next morning, i had to call mom and have her interpret his silence.
Sabi ni mami "ewan ko sa inyo, kayo dalawa naguusap"

Tapos in the afternoon, i received a text message from mami
"Inopen ng tatay mo yung tablet, inexplain ko kasi kala nya laptop. Gusto daw nya"

Im getting him a Blackberry Playbook instead.  Kasi its only $200!

I immediately mailed Tita Is if she can accomodate in her luggage (talagang gawain ko na yun, no? kakahiya na ba?)

Here you go dad!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earth Day DAW

Earth Day Run

Eh kung gadgetless day nalang kaya?
Imagine walang magchacharge ng cellphone, ipod, ipad, tablet?

Monday, April 23, 2012

To be a blessing to somebody

The household is happy.
Well, not too much for Dad, i think.

Last night before i heard the news, when i dropped by the house, he was in his tomba-tomba chair in the terrace.  Like he's sad or tired or not feeling well.
Then mom tells me of the news. 
Dad's ancestral house has just been decided to be sold.

Well I understand, he grew up there and he has many memories of his parents and siblings and perhaps of Boris (their turuan dog)
Its his disappointment to not have refurbished it.

And he knows its too precious also to leave it as is.
There's this particular buyer who came by the house last week who really really wants to have it, this will be their first investment just incase, and they are excited to build their home there.

There were several buyers (3 ata) last week. (after years of idleness - when it rains, it pours)
First time na hindi na ako nagusisa. 
Because for the past years, i know what he does when there are interested buyers. 
He will price it waaay above the asking price of the buyer (his way of turning them down)

Actually, the one my dad decides to sell the house has the least impressive terms of the 3.
But he doesnt mind at all.  Its not all about the money.
The glow is the eyes of the "awardee" is priceless.
Its nice to know it will not be just another property of a rich man who still has not figured out what to do with it.

This morning, my dad drove me to office and he didnt mention a thing about it.
I just said "The couple who got the house must be very happy, you were a blessing to them"

Im so proud of my parents!
Its such a nice feeling that loss is a precious gain to somebody.
Im so happy with his decision, because i know my dad is less depressed knowing he has in a way helped a couple start to build their dreams come true.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What is the normal life expectancy of a laptop? :(

Toshi has been dead since November last year.
Happy is now sick, some characters in the keyboard wont work. 

Im bringing it to Dr Dennis for diagnostics, im still sad knowing the end is near.
I love HaPpy so dearly. 

I dont know if i mentioned it in this blog.
Pag naglolokohan kami ni Glenn na pag naglayas ako or pinalayas nya ako
Miski si HaPpy lang ang dala-dala ko.

BTW, both laptops were given by FIL.
My first pictures of TOSHIba and HaPpy
Kung 4years lang ang life expectancy ng laptop, all the more i couldnt afford to buy a Macky.
Kayo ba, ilang taon ang buhay ng laptop nyo?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Well rested :)

I can say Im not disappointed with myself this holy week.
Im just sad that MRT was down during the holy week, I have been planning to attend CCF's series of talks.  But you know me, hanggang Baclaran lang ang alam ko :( so hindi ako makakarating ng St Francis Square without MRT.

Saturday, Glenn and I were bored.
We were planning to invite Jon to join us as we try B&T Mexican Kitchen.
Guess what, just as i was about to dial his phone number, he appears at our doorstep!

So ayun, off to QC we went

I have never seen EDSA in this traffic...

B&T Mexican Kitchen
Matagal ng nagyayaya si Glenn because he loves burrito.  He wants to know if this is good.
Well, he says that the quest for the best burrito is still ON :(

We also got Mango Glazed Habanero Chicken Wings
Wow! I LOVE IT! Mahal nga lang, P350 for 10pcs
I ate 6 pieces, told ya i loved it!  Im coming back for this.

Jon got this

  2 Steak burritos + Mango Glazed chicken + Ball Park Nachos + drinks = ~P1,800  OUCH!

We then went to The Fort to just look around, i dropped by Dog in the City to get some stuff for our "children" hehehe
Im happy to see there is Bon Chon now in BHS, salamat at meron na kami makakainan dun.
 We usually go to Market Market area to eat at North Park.  Pero kung ayaw ko maglakad, sa Agave kami. Dun lang medyo carry eh. hehehe.  Ngayon may Bon Chon na, yehey!

Glenn tried Happy Lemon, pinigilan ko ang sarili ko to order.  

Sabi ko sa Kawit na ako bibili, i want to support ProsperiTea. 

Hey natin ha, para may magtagal na maayos naman sa atin :)

It so happened that the blogger who posted a comment on my ProsperiTea entry was also there.
Im sorry i didnt catch you when you called me, not too used to "Pukaykay" hehehe.

Hope you guys liked it here, if you did, i guess ill be seeing you again. heheh 

Come Sunday and Monday, not feeling too well, napakainit!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Skitguys - Easter

You tore the veil,you made a way...
Thank you Jesus for the gift of salvation

Skitguys - Baggage

This video below is not lent-related. But i just love the skitguys videos, they have a very practical application of the bible.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Movie Watch: ESPN 30 for 30 Once Brothers

I was surprised to have not dozzed off in the first quarter of this film.
That would mean it really is interesting :)

Glenn has been securing a number of documentaries for the holy week.
We are preparing ourselves just incase Globe DSL will die out on us again.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

ProsperiTea Milk Tea

Glenn and I were battling against going to Makati/BGC this weekend.
...miski bored na bored na bored na kami sa bahay.

Well, ang gastos kasi, gas+toll+parking+pagkain.
Wala naman kami bibilhin, tyak na mag se-Serenitea kami or Cha Time lang naman kami.
In short..we were battling against gastos!

Tapos naalala namin na there is a new Milk Tea shop near Island Cove.
Try namin, malay mo OK, wala na kami alibi na lumuwas pag Sunday dahil gusto namin ng tsaa. hahaha

We have tried Tea-rrific sa SM Bacoor. I didnt like it, the one i ordered tasted like gulaman.

Actually, napansin na namin ang ProsperiTea nung sineset-up palang sya kasi naimpress kami sa interior ng shop nung napadaan kami one time.

So ayun, when we got in the shop, dami variants and impressive ambiance :)
I got a classic milktea, Glenn got almond flavor.  Both are good :)

Ay salamat! me ganito na sa Cavite!  ASCENDING ang bayan ko! heheh
HS Berks..this could be our new coffee talk venue :)