Saturday, July 14, 2012

" We could have had it aaaaalllllll, rolling in the deeeeeeepppp"

I have one staff resigning to try her luck abroad.
They are truly so dear to me and im kinda lonely na mawawala isa sa pinakamatagal :(

My staff love videoke.
So we had a send away party at Videoke-han.
Honestly, wala na akong alam na IN na kanta.
Im stuck with Britney Spears and Mandy Moore era.

So i did my assignment the night before and listen to this Adele.
Im sure they will be singing her songs.
Oh yeah, this one is good.  Rolling in the Deep, this was playing in SM appliance one time.

So i listened to it several time for me to get the notes (me ganun pa talaga)
I was so ready!
But when we got to the venue

Walang Adele sa song list. Gah!
Ay nakakainis.. birit na birit na ako.

Abeng!  meron ba nito dun sa pinuntahan natin?  Punta tayo paguwi ni Cel ha.


princess said...

Adele playlist na agad toh. san ung pinuntahan ninyo? o un ba ung pinuntahan ntin sa pasay? hehe.. for sure sa redbox meron. haha. :)

abeng said...

asaness na may adele.malamang sa mount sea kayo nag videoke..hahahaha
go ulit pagdting ni cel matagal tagal pa na praktis mam jamie