Sunday, June 3, 2012

Well fostered puppy

Now i understand why Glenn has been very selective whenever he gives his puppies away.
Its such a nice feeling knowing that the puppy you gave is well loved and taken good care of.

2 years ago, we have spayed our female dogs
We did not want to have puppies anymore.
Because the last 2 puppy generation had mange problem.

Rikitik is a puppy belonging to the last puppy generation in Borjman crib.
I gave it to a friend/officemate, Jo.
This puppy was so dear to me, nagka separation anxiety ako.
I would always ask how she was.
Tapos Jo told me, meron sakit si Rikitik sa balat - mange din :(

Nakakahiya magbigay ng aso na me sakit. Pagke gastos gastos magkamange.
We have a dog in the house which has this - basta naiistress ay nagkakamange.
Naiistress din ang bulsa namin kasi ipapa-vet :D

Anyway, Jo sent me a photo of Rikitik.
Sabi nya mahal na mahal daw sya sa bahay nila.  Matagal daw tumayo, at magaling sa "catch"

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