Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What is the normal life expectancy of a laptop? :(

Toshi has been dead since November last year.
Happy is now sick, some characters in the keyboard wont work. 

Im bringing it to Dr Dennis for diagnostics, im still sad knowing the end is near.
I love HaPpy so dearly. 

I dont know if i mentioned it in this blog.
Pag naglolokohan kami ni Glenn na pag naglayas ako or pinalayas nya ako
Miski si HaPpy lang ang dala-dala ko.

BTW, both laptops were given by FIL.
My first pictures of TOSHIba and HaPpy
Kung 4years lang ang life expectancy ng laptop, all the more i couldnt afford to buy a Macky.
Kayo ba, ilang taon ang buhay ng laptop nyo?


ASC said...

4 years sounds about right. but i've had laptops that lasted me more than 5 years.

Shashi and Beij said...

Normally, its 5 years. pag lumampas dun, swerte na. :)

btw, just followed your blog. Hope you could follow ours as well.


Pukaykay said...

Ay..ang sad. This is my first laptop kaya medyo sentimental. :(

Hi Shashi & Beij, i hope ill be one of the "swerte"
Thanks for dropping by :)

Mariel said...

my first laptop is a Lenovo,I had him last 2007. Mejo mababa ang specs but still working aside from it's battery kaya pag ginagamit ko naka-plug in sya..

since I love Lenovo, my second lappy is also a Lenovo... I just hope I can be have him and use him for years also..

Anonymous said...

sabi ng IT guy namin, yung mga personal notebooks, class B lang yan. expect them to work minimum 2 years. My Dell has been overheating after 3 years siya na OK. Pero kung corporate notebook, Class A daw. my office PC is already 5 years, in top shape parin siya.

wander shugah said...

four years thats it! Mg fofour years na sana laptop ko >.< buhay pa sana sya ngayon. blame it to bagyong sendong. haha binawian nya buhay ng laptop ko :/