Monday, April 23, 2012

To be a blessing to somebody

The household is happy.
Well, not too much for Dad, i think.

Last night before i heard the news, when i dropped by the house, he was in his tomba-tomba chair in the terrace.  Like he's sad or tired or not feeling well.
Then mom tells me of the news. 
Dad's ancestral house has just been decided to be sold.

Well I understand, he grew up there and he has many memories of his parents and siblings and perhaps of Boris (their turuan dog)
Its his disappointment to not have refurbished it.

And he knows its too precious also to leave it as is.
There's this particular buyer who came by the house last week who really really wants to have it, this will be their first investment just incase, and they are excited to build their home there.

There were several buyers (3 ata) last week. (after years of idleness - when it rains, it pours)
First time na hindi na ako nagusisa. 
Because for the past years, i know what he does when there are interested buyers. 
He will price it waaay above the asking price of the buyer (his way of turning them down)

Actually, the one my dad decides to sell the house has the least impressive terms of the 3.
But he doesnt mind at all.  Its not all about the money.
The glow is the eyes of the "awardee" is priceless.
Its nice to know it will not be just another property of a rich man who still has not figured out what to do with it.

This morning, my dad drove me to office and he didnt mention a thing about it.
I just said "The couple who got the house must be very happy, you were a blessing to them"

Im so proud of my parents!
Its such a nice feeling that loss is a precious gain to somebody.
Im so happy with his decision, because i know my dad is less depressed knowing he has in a way helped a couple start to build their dreams come true.


abeng said...

start to build your dream na din =)...kainis mis u.

Pukaykay said...

Imissyou Abeng!
Yup, decided na kami last month na sa Noveleta pagawa.
My dad will surely be a happy man when he learns about this.
I have not told him yet, pag concrete plans na saka nalang nya malaman

tita chen said...

is this the house in Cavite? It is always hard to make a decision like that; esp. if you have lots or memories there.

Pukaykay said...

@Tita Chen, opo its the one in Dalahican.