Monday, April 30, 2012

I love you Sabado

At work, we have this holiday swapping scheme.
Which actually works for most of us, because the admin swaps it in the nearest Saturday (parang GMA's holiday economics) para yung mga uuwi ng Manila will have 2days off (yes, we have work on Saturdays)

Inis kami kasi within the day, we received several memo's na iswap-hindi swap-swap..
Only this mellowed down our inis, all 16 of us in R&D got a free halo-halo from bossing  :)

I have been excited about Saturday to come because we are to watch
The Avengers.  Im very fond of Iron Man, Captain America is very cute..Thor is too.  Whats not to like about this film, diba?

Remember cinemas before na pwede tayo pumasok miski kalagitnaan na? Tapos one-to-sawa ulit ulitin? heheh
Thats not applicable now. 

We have to wait for the screening time.

 Long queue
The movie was nice.  Iron Man is humorous as expected :)
I cant wait to see Iron Man 3.

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