Friday, March 9, 2012

I cant bilibit!

I applied as online english tutor at RareJob last Friday, was interviewed on the phone last Tuesday, and had the 2 hour orientation/evaluation via skype last night.

In bed, I couldnt help laugh at myself (and embarrased ) at how i did during the last mock lesson.
Sige nga... if the student asks you from the article lesson.. "what is meant by runoff?"

Then at work, as i opened my gmail I got this in my email this morning  :)

"Dear Tutor Jamie.borja

 Congratulations for qualifying for the tutor position! On behalf of the staffs, and the founders of RareJob Inc..."

Im so happy! 
O ayan ha, kung mali man grammar ko dito sa blog.
Hello, English tutor to! :D


Apol :) said...

Congratulations, Tutor Jme! :))

Lloyd said...

Congrats Tutor Jamie...patutor!

Chyng said...

hameeyzing! =)

gusto ko din ng partime job!

Pukaykay said...

Thanks! Thanks!
I have not started though, ayusin ko muna tong issue ko with my very unreliable Globe DSL. Gosh!

Check out RareJob, Chyng :)

payaso said...


Gusto ko rin try to kaya lang need yata ng referral from someone na tutor din. Pwedeng kaw nalang?


Pukaykay said...

Hello payaso. There's no referral needed. Naku, pag sinabi mo ako nagrefer sayo...baka hindi ok. hahah.. kasi until now, hindi pa ako nakakapagsimula kasi yung PLDT application ko hindi padin OK. Tapos my laptop is breaking down :) Try mo, apply ka lang online :)