Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I didnt get any flowers..but Im Okay
I didnt get any chocolates..and Im Okay

Why is it im not ranting?
Because i wasnt able to check Facebook...
and see what my friends' got from their husbands. hahaha

Kidding aside, all these of valentines gift  pictures  - i think a lot of men have a headache now
kasi nageemote ang mga partners nila dahil naiinggit sa binigay. hahah

Pasalamat ka Glenn hindi ako isa sa kanila :D
Mwah!  Happy valentines my dear!


ASC said...

ang cute!!!

Chyng said...

love your look jamie! sa HK kayo?

rence said...

ouch...isa ako sa mga nagpost. you know, inggitera nga ako.

ganda ng his and her :-) Happy V Day.

Pukaykay said...

Mie :)
Chyng, we are back :) and starting to pay off our CC hehehe
Rence, congratulations to you, ibig sabihin meron kang gift from husband! :)