Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary Lenn!

Today is our 4th year wedding anniversary.
Its the best 4 years of my life..yet.
Seryoso nga!

One time we had an activity in the office, the leader says
"Fill in the blanks... Okay Jamie, Im blessed because Im ____"
mabilisan na sagot....
I answered... "happily married"

Naiiyak na nga ako sa tuwa.
We are two different people but as we say, para tayong Tetris na fit na fit.
Na ang pinaka complex na away natin ever in 13 years of being together is about one ulam =D 
I pray that we stay this way. 
I pray that we be bounded even when we experience difficult situations in the future.

My blog is 80%-90% about you, that shows how much you mean to me.
(What you write is whats on your mind diba?)

Thank you Glenn  for the love. 
Let us always be reminded of the promise we made to the Lord

I, Jamie, ........., to be my ..... husband, my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.

Iwww! ang cheesy!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I am unsubscribing myself to all the groupon deals (cashcash, beeconomic, ensogo, awesome etc)
Kasi nga how can I say I have saved a lot from these groupon.

I have money in my hand  à  buy good deals = no money in my hand
Saving ba tawag dun?


Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend with Sisterets

Last year, i booked Glenn and I a trip to Cebu para anniversary namin this July.

Booked last August 2010
Those were the days when promo feels like PROMO talaga.  Tax was less than P50

But ofcourse, i wasnt surprised na ayaw ni Glenn. 
Again, i was to cancel a Cebu trip.  Naku Cebu, bakit ayaw mo talaga sakin?

My mom, disappointed with the cancellation of our Bohol-Cebu trip last month (dadi ko naman nagback-out), said she can join me in Cebu :)

Yey, its still ON.
 I got her a ticket
Ansakit sa bulsa ng Taxes.  Plus web admin fee na P112 pa.  Dati wala ata nun.
Pero, malungkot diba kung kaming dalawa lang.
Mami invited her sisters.  They can use Tita Eloy's gazillion Mabuhay miles :)

Part na talaga ng lahat ng trip ko is to worry about the weather.
Hey, my tix are puro promo, ofcourse travel date is during bagyo season.

Days before the trip, kesyo baha sa cebu city, landslide.

Ano ba..shall i book us a hotel or not?  Baka macancel na naman eh.
I booked us a pension house for the first night (10:10PM kasi ang arrival namin, tulog lang talaga ang gagawin)

I chose NS Pensione Royal because and they didnt require any prepayment and its cheap. 
P1,050 for a Standard Room with Free Breakfast.

For the second night, I booked BE Resorts
Sorry sorry nalang kung macancel.  tsk..tsk.
I booked it thru Agoda.  I got a Standard Room for P3,871 per room.
I have mailed BE Resorts for the rates and they were giving me Php 6,372 for a Standard room.

Glenn drove us to the airport.  I felt so bad leaving him alone on a weekend and July 4th holiday.  I actually didnt cancel his ticket hoping he would change his mind the last minute.  =(
This was the longest time we were apart since we got married (3D/2N)

Haha, we did that embracing thing when we parted in the airport. hahaha. Maexperience lang ba...

By the way, from Noveleta it was less than 30minutes to the airport.  
Cavitex FTW!

Ayun tuloy, sarado pa ang counter ng airphil pagdating namin :D

When we arrived at the Mactan airport.  Syempre hindi kami mag e-airport taxi.  Tong kuripot kong to!
It was easy getting a public taxi, paglabas lang sa arrival, tatawid lang then go upstairs sa may tent.

Our fare was P180 from airport to Cebu City (NS Pensione)
Layo pala ng Mactan sa Cebu.

Room at NS Pensione

Next day...
Free breakfast is a choice of Chorizzo sausage, Luncheon Meat or Corned Beef + unli coffee =)

We went to Sto Nino de Basilica to attend mass.

Stone throw away from the church is the Magellans Cross and Sto Nino Museum.

Cathedral church is also very near Basilica.
"Church na naman?  para lang tayo nagbibisita iglesia"

I didnt have too much in my itinerary because IMO there nothing much to see. 
Plus, kaming dalawa lang ni mami ang hindi pa nakakapag Cebu.  My mom and i arent interested in the taoist temple.  Then Tops is malayo daw.   

We decided to just go to SM Cebu to eat at CNT. 
There's CNT lechon inside SM, and a branch outside SM.
Dun kami sa outside.
Pumunta kami maaga (11AM), kasi daw marami parati tao.

Whoa, madami talaga tao. Haba pila.  People were buying mga tig 5kg, 7kg to bring to Manila siguro.
After more than an hour, i finally got hold of my 1kg order of lechon cebu. 
Ang mura! P360/kg.  Samantalang mga P700 ang lechon usually.

Check in at BE. Taxi fare should be around P300 from Cebu City.

The beach is not that swimmable btw IMO

Our room =D  loved it!

Sutukil is 1 jeep away from the hotel.  Ayoko na magtaxi!

I grew up in a place na walang taxi. 
Kaya big deal sakin magbayad ng ganoon kalaki for transpo. hahaha.

Sabi ko sa sisterets..mag jeep kami.  
Alam kong mas trip nila ang Taxi for security and stuff. 
Pero naman, its like 2 minutes away.   

Paglabas namin ng hotel, lapitan na ang mga taxi driver and guides.  I ignored them all kasi lalo lang hahaba ang usapan.  I didnt know behind me the sisterets talking to them.  Telling them nicely we are going to sutukil and riding a jeep instead. 

At Manna Restaurant
Turo kami ng hipon, isda, pusit, alimango.
Wait lang Manong, pwede pacompute muna?
Manong:  "P1,140 po including na yung cooking fee"

Food was good.
Including the fruit juice+rice+mangga, the total bill was P1600. =D

Next day..
Buffet breakfast at BE was 
Syempre hindi na naman namin tinantanan ang coffee.
P60 ang bili namin dito kagabi per cup eh. hehhe

Chikahan forever at the hotel hanggang check out.

Back in Sutukil for lunch.
We got to have a taste of Lobster.  

After Sutukil, we went to Ayala Center Cebu to kill time.  We had 6 hours to kill.
Whats the best way to kill time?  Coffee time
Mami got them brewed coffee. 
Their reaction was "Ano ba naman to, napakatapang.  Matapang pa kay Bonifacio"

Huy, hinay hinay sa matamis.  Naman, diabetic diba?

After coffee, we still have time.
The seniors wanted to rest/sleep.
Edi matulog sa sinehan!  haha.. the best ito.
We watched/slept Monte Carlo!

When we got inside the cinema, labasan na sila ng shawl nila para gawin kumot. hahaha
Then Tita Eloy says "Pahinaan mo naman yung sound para makatulog tayo"
hahaha.  Tawa ako ng tawa sa kanila

Nagtake out kami ng CnT lechon from SM.  It was P460/kilo there.
Ay naku, i wouldnt mind paying P100 more, naku ayoko na dun sa CnT branch mismo.

I am happy na natuloy tong Cebu.  Im happy to have spent time with mom and my tita's.
Thanks to Glenn for allowing me to be "single"
It meant a lot to me =)

As a reward, i was supposed to surprise him with Jordan 3 Blue kasi alam kong meron pa nun sa Ayala Center Cebu.  But when i checked it, wala na yung size nya =(

Siguro kung nauwian ko sya nun, he'll send me elsewhere para meron akong surprise ulit sa kanya =D

To the sisterets, i had so much fun.  Enjoy while you still can travel.