Thursday, May 28, 2009

tHe SoNg iN mY mIND

My mother-in-law loves to sing. A day can not end without her using the magic sing at home. =)

Her magic sing has several chips in it. So there are a lot of songs to choose from. I just recently found out that you no longer browse the song book list, check the song on all the chip library. Just encode it in the unit, it will says if its there or not. Astig!

Last Sunday, she was singing this song and it caught my attention.

Hindi ko napigilan, nagbreak muna ako saglit playing facebook app, I went to her and said "kantahin ko rin yan". Hindi na ako nagpaligoy ligoy pa na kunwari manonood muna ek ek, i said it right after she finished the song. hehehe.

Anne Murray - Just Another Woman In Love

I'm strong, I'm sure, I'm in control, a lady with a plan
Believing that life is a neat little package I hold in my hand
I've got it together, they call me "the girl who knows just what to say and do"
Still I fumble and fall, run into the wall, 'cause when it comes to you, I'm

Just another woman in love, a kid out of school
A fire out of control, just another fool
You touch me and I'm weak, I'm a feather in the wind
And I can't wait to feel you touching me again
With you I'm just another woman, just another woman in love

So pardon me if I should stare and tremble like a child
That "wanting you" look all over your face is driving me wild
I'm just what you make me, can't wait 'till you take me and set all my feelin's free
I know that you can, so come be my man, tonight I wanna be

CHORUS X 2 with FADE in middle of the second

Ive been singing this in my mind since Sunday. Kelangan ko na iraos to, magvivideoke ako paguwi!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LasT monDaY...

It was Memorial day last Monday, holiday at work for Glenn.
We were bored, so we decided to drive around.

Since he'd been wanting to eat japanese food, i suggested we check out the Sasahama japanese restaurant in Kawit. We hear it served good food. But when we got there, no parking space, the place is packed with foreigners. Syempre ang pobreng bulilit, nahiya naman, hindi na kami tumuloy. I told him i think i saw a japanese restaurant in Epza.

Kaya ayun, napadpad kami sa Epza. Sa Kyo Hachi.
The place is nice. Ngayon ko lang napansin na there's a coffee shop at the second floor. siguro pwedeng dito kami mag coffee talk ng mga HS berks next time.


I didnt know what i ordered. Dont ask me if its good, i dont like japanese food. I remember my during my short stay in Japan, eating with my collegues is a problem for me. Kasi nakakahiya na hindi ubusin ang pagkain.

Anyway, Glenn says its goood. =)



Then when we were about to pay, bigla kaming napaisip
Jamie: Dang, arent we on tipid mode right now?
Glenn: OO nga noh. Di bale, birthday naman ni Josen ngayon.
Jamie: O sige, good excuse yun.

We then dropped by Noveleta to play with Patrice. As expected, para akong non-existent, dahil Patrice is VERRY excited seeing Glenn. Tili ng tili!

She is less pasaway now. She doesnt beat me that much.

By the way, additional vocabulary:

Dadap = stand up. She will say "dadap" when she starts to pray. EVERYONE must stand.

Mamis = Promise. Pag binobola nya ang mga tao sa amin, hihingi ng chocolate, she will say "Pis, las, mamis" She meant, Please, last, promise.

tenchu,mamat = Thank you, salamat. Ang cute noh? She says this frequent.

Look how she has grown. Pasensya na magulo buhok ni Patrice, she doesnt want anybody touching her hair. Pag iipitan, she will say "AYAW"


I think she looks like me, dont you think?
Glenn says she looks like ate patty.

AnnOyINg SHouTouTs

Did it ever annoy you to read somebody else's shoutout na tipong sya lang naman nakakaintindi sa shoutout nya?

Eh teka...shoutout nya yun, care ko ba?! hahahaha
Walang pakialaman ng shoutout.

I hope my tweets dont annoy you. =P

Monday, May 25, 2009

fAceBoOK GAmeS

A friend introduced me to this facebook application called Bejeweled Blitz last Saturday. I think Im enjoying it a little too much.

Yesterday, my husband says "Hindi rin kita kinaya, mula 1PM nilalaro mo na yan"
He told me that at 6PM.

Yes, i was playing this 1minute game over and over for 5 hours! Kung hindi lang kami mag SM ni Glenn malamang i'd still be playing it hanggang 9PM.

Can anybody give me some antidote for this addiction.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Its tHuRSdAy!

Im happy its Thursday. The sisterets will be back. I miss my mom.

Who are the Sisterets? Eto yung magkakapatid nila mami na babae. Whenever they are together, ang pinaguusapan ay kung san sila makapunta.
Im glad they are coming back from their Palawan trip.

My dad had a bad cough when they left. So my mom wasnt like having the best vacation, because she worries about my dad.

Tuesday, my dad wakes up and prepares his breakfast. I got up to help him. Pero hindi na din sya kumain.
We are very well pampered by my mom. She prepares everything. Kaya feel na feel namin whenever my mom is not in the house.

Its different when my mom isnt home. Hindi lang dahil magulo ang bahay ha. Basta, iba.

Friday, May 15, 2009

gUsTo MoNg sUmAkIT AnG uLO mO?

This is a huge mistake.

Ive been trying to log all my expenses for the day. My mom does this, she writes down all the money she gets and spends.

Its crazy!

I started doing this last monday, and Im missing P16! Asan na yun?! Bat hindi balance!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

bOn VoyaGe ELaiNe

Perhaps Elaine is at the airport right now checked in for her flight to Canada.
Good luck elaine!

Yesterday, i was sad to bid goodbye to her. But thats just how it is. She is going to fine there i know. Sa amin lahat na HS berks, sya ang pinakamaraming friends. She jives well with different types of people. Kaya nga nakakalungkot, sya ang source of chismis namin! hahaha! Mosang ka pala elaine!

Anyway, bigla kong natuloy kay Maylynn paano nga ba namin nakaberks si Elaine.
So, ganito pala yun kung paano kami nagkasama sama

Since elementary, nagbabangayan natong dalawang to. hehehehe.

Alijah transferred from Davao in 2nd year HS, naging kaklase nya sila Joy and Mia.
Magkakaberks na silang tatlo. Magkasama sila sa choir (joy, anong ginagawa mo sa choir?)

Mia invited us to join the choir (ano naman ang ginagawa ko dun). Kaya ayun, naging friendly friends na kami sa kanila

Magkakaklase na kami nung 3rd year, ewan ko ba kung mas close silang dalawa samin ni may or sila bryan kila Joy..Or nanliligaw si bryan ke ?? Joke! hinid nga ba bryan? hehehe
Basta magkaklase na sila Joy and Ron nung elementary.

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko maalala kung paano nga ba. Andami kasi circle of friends nitong si Elaine.
Then naging magboyfriend si Mark+ and Mia.
edi syempre +Mark, eh tropa ni Mark si +Glenn na nanliligaw naman sakin, eh tropapipits nila Glenn and Mark si +Jon and +Kap, +Mark T
Tapos pakalat-kalat ata si +Charisma and +Alvin. Hindi joke lang, i think it started nung magdedebut si Mia, supahfriends si Mia and Charing eh. Sumayaw kami nun sa debut ni Mia kaya naging close kila charisma. Tapos sumayaw ulit kami sa debut ni Joy.

Tapos papa ni May si +Paolo

O sige, HS berks icorrect nyo nalang. Alam nyo naman ako, poor memory.

Anyway, going back to Elaine. Ay naku elaine, alam mo bang niloloko ka namin dati na me imaginary boyfriend?! Kasi naman ikaw, ang tagal mo bago pinakilala samin yung bf mo. I remember one time, me nadulas samin sa word na "imaginary", nagreact ka ng "Anong imaginary?!" hahaha.. napakapasaway ni Maylynn, kumanta!

Napakagalante mo elaine, parati kang me kung anu-anong dala pag magkikita tau. Teka, baka naman nakalista pala yun sa tindahan nyo ha. hehehe.
Mami elaine, super mamimiss ka namin dito. Kasi ikaw ang nanay namin. Hay, kelan kaya tau magkikita ulit?

Infairness, ang payat at mas maganda ka ngayon. Para ke bogart? hehehe

Random Pics �

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wHaT wOULd yOu Do iF yoU wERe qUarAntIned?

Glenn and I were talking about the guests quarantined in Metropark hotel due to H1N1 issue.
If it were us, what would we do?

Set aside the worry that you have the virus.

Honestly, i think i wouldnt fuzz too much about the boredom. Ako pa, basta me TV and internet, Im cool. Siguro din, mamamaga ang mata ko kakatulog.
Tapos imagine 24/7 kami magkasama ni Glenn. Wow, sobrang masusuya ako nun siguro ke lenn, i wonder how many times kami mag-away/bati.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AgEnT ZeRo

I saw the film wolverine this weekend.
Naalala ko na naman tuloy si Daniel Henney because he played a short part in the movie. Super crush ko yun!

Check out my previous entry AnG bAgo KoNg pAgIBiG

I didnt finish the springwaltz, now im looking for my DVD, ill watch it again. He's so adorable there!

Monday, May 4, 2009

A PaCmAn wEeKeNd

Since we had nothing planned for the HS berks meet-up, Glenn said he'll check out the Pacquiao sneaker release at Mag:net in Bonifacio High Street last Saturday. I was supposed to just stay home at play restaurant city all day, but i didnt want him to drive alone because he hasnt slept. So I joined him.

This was the scene when we got there. It was unbelievable. Only 49pairs are to be sold in the Philippines, but there were hundreds on queue.
Trivia: The last person to get a pair (49th pair) has been waiting in line since 9PM (or earlier) the night before. Crazy huh?

We saw some of glenn's Niketalk friends there who got themselves pacquiao stuff. Good thing Glenn saw jojo (kingcrux31), Thanks jojo for sneaking us in to check out whats going on inside.

Queue outside, still queue inside.
Pacquiao just did it!
Was able to meet Tina, Mark and his cousin there too.

I feel sorry for those who waited too long and wasnt able to get anything. I wonder if they all knew that its only 49pairs. Maybe not.

After usisa in Mag:net, we went to Grappa's afterwards.
Its only now that i found out Grappa's brew its own beer. I took a sip because everybody says it good and Glenn's word to describe it is "NAPAKASARAP". I dont drink beer, i dont like its taste. But with this one, its not bitter so i think i could drink it.

We left Grappa's 530PM. We had a nice and fun day.

The next day is Pacman-Hatton fight. As early as 10AM, we were both in the computer checking out Unpay per view (hehehe). Grabe, 2 rounds and its over. Galing sobra!

*I seriously think ive got to buy some shirt, im wearing the s(h)ame shirt again!