Friday, May 15, 2009

gUsTo MoNg sUmAkIT AnG uLO mO?

This is a huge mistake.

Ive been trying to log all my expenses for the day. My mom does this, she writes down all the money she gets and spends.

Its crazy!

I started doing this last monday, and Im missing P16! Asan na yun?! Bat hindi balance!


Chyng said...

Debit Credit ba yan? 3.00 ako sa Accounting ko eh.. haha

borj said...

petty cash nlng ung lose change! hehe

Pukaykay said...

Chyng and josen, Okay na yung problem ko sa missing P16. Humingi nalang ako ke Glenn.. Hahaha...andaya noh. harharhar

myls said...

the accounting topic excites me. :) dati ganyan ako jamie, i log in all my expenses, even up to the last centavo to a program called microsoft money. but ayan, all petty cash expenses drove me crazy, so i stopped my addiction and just came up with an excel file (as usual). have many tabs, one per bank account, per type of account (checking/ savings), one for cash, one for gift checks, one for utang sa akin (hehe). at least di na sasakit ulo ko sa maliliit na bagay (i just allot one column to "baon"). tapos nakapredict budget ko for 2 years. dati for 5 years, kaso kapagod mag-update. :) sorry, i'm a spreadsheet nerd. :)

Pukaykay said...