Saturday, November 29, 2008

(On twilight)......tHaT's It?

My brother Dennis and I have a date tomorrow. We will see Twilight the movie in SM Cinema. It was shown in the US November 21, in the Philippines the 26th. So, expect it in the internet before its release here. Hindi sya nakahintay, he saw it in the net last week. Ako rin, isang araw nalang, hindi ko pa nahintay, pinanood ko kanina. Tsk..tsk.. But we'll still see it tomorrrow. Okay, we are a family of weird people. Leave it like that.

What can i say? I was kinda expecting a lot. Kasi naman, in my lifetime, ngayon lang ako nakatapos ng 4-book novel. Kinareer ko talga yung book nayun. Sobrang nainlove ako kay Edward, which disappoints me na hindi ganoong kagorgeous si edward sa movie. And Alice, she should have had more roles and she should have been super beautiful. h well, andami ko hinahanap..books have always been better than its counterpart movies, right?

Im still inlove with edward btw.

Wala na bang part 5 ang twilight? matatapos ko na yung midnight sun, there has to be something. Si Alice naman, yung book tungkol sa perspective nya, sana magkaron.

Ei, read the book, ok?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Im so annoyed at myself! Urgh!

Yesterday was my birthday, thank you thank you for the greetings =)
(segue muna, when i woke up, i read a birthday greetings from my staff from previous employer, nakakatuwa kasi 1 year na ako wala dun but she remembered!)

Okay, on with my title...
Ang napansin ko sa mga koreans, masyado nilang kinacareer ang pagbibigay ng regalo. One time, we were chitchatting, natanong nila how we celebrate weddings and birthday. Napagtanto ko na mahal makapangasawa ng korean, kasi andami handaan. SAy sa 100th day ng baby, people will either give gold ring or cash. The baby would end up having more than 20 rings on his 100th day, ganun daw talga. Tsk..tsk..)

Kanina, i ordered some food from red ribbon para sa engineering office. When the food arrived, they werent at the office, sayang dun nalang sana nila malalaman na birthday ko.

So when they got back from the meeting, i invited them to the conference room for some snack. Nagulat yung manager ko, sabi nya "Its your birthday? today? Aish*&^%$$ I didnt prepare a gift for you?"

This is what i replied

He laughed.

I was surprised why i said that! nakakahiya! Although i think he knows its just a joke.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

pAtriCe aNd tHE dextRoSe StAnD

Patrice is well now. I havent spent time with her because ive been in Putol since Friday. Ill see her later.

Here are the photos of her and the dextrose stand during her short vacation at the hospital last week. hehehe.

While she was sleeping...




Flying kiss


Outside her room, doing rounds at 5th floor.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It was Glenn's birthday yesterday. We spent the evening at a very posh mall in Cavite - SM Bacoor. hehhee. What else would we do there but buy toiletries and groceries. Wait, no we got something special there.

72hour before..

we went to Makati to check out greenbelt 5. We passed by Astrovision, so tanong lang kami how much ang wii. Glenn made me try the Wii, to see for myslef if I'd really enjoy it.
WRONG MOVE GLENN. Because now i wanted it very BADLY. Sino ba naman ang nakapagtry ng wii, tapos narealize nya na ayaw nya?

Still glenn didnt give in, he said he'll give me a day or two to think if i really want it. Naatungal kasi ako sa mall nun. hehehehe.

Okay, when i woke up the next day, thought for about 30sec. YES i still want it.

So ayun, bili kami nitong bday nya. Its his birthday pero i got the present. hehehe. When we were product testing the item we are getting, Glenn tried it. Sobrang nagenjoy sya, dang tagal maglaro, naiinip na ako, gusto ko na bayaran at ng makauwi na para malaro na.

When we got home, assemble agad. Grabe, ang saya saya ng tennis. Swing na swing ang lola mo. Si Glenn bigay na bigay. 1 hour wii = total exhaustion

Im actually typing this entry with a sore thumb, while doing the smash, i hit my hand sa divider nila glenn. Buti nalang kahoy yun, at hindi nabasag yung salamin ng french divider. namaga sya agad pero wa ako care, tennis parin. Nung nararamdaman ko na ang sakit after a while, sa kaliwang kamay naman ako nagwii. tsk..tsk..

Got the wii at SM toykingdom for 6months to pay, zero interest. Toykingdom. Tsk..tsk..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

mY LoNeLy WaLLeT

I would always to go the office na mga less than P100 lang ang pera ko. Kasi usually hinatid ako ni dadi, tapos me baon ako. Pamasahe ko lang pauwi ang ginagasta ko which is around P20 lang naman.  Yesterday, I had P110 in my wallet. I didn’t mind, I like my packlunch so I wouldn’t order additional viand.  

But last friday, hindi ako hinatid ni dadi. Tapos nagsoftdrinks ako nung lunch.  (P20 fare; P10 Pepsi).

Then I remembered wala palang ulam ng Saturday lunch.  I had P80 in my wallet, minus P20 pa for fare pauwi.  
What do I do with P60…

I thought of cooking Pesa.  So I dropped by the Noveleta wet market.
I asked the tindera how much the Tilapia was..P120 daw.  

I chose 2 of the smallest fish and handed it to her.. I was crossing my fingers na hindi lumampas ng ½ Kilo… miski piso hindi pwede magexceed!  
I cant approximate its weight, kaya I was anxious to know ilan ang weight.  

Hay, salamat its less.  P48.  Wow! I have P12 more.

Went to the vegetable section and got 2 mini bundle of Pechay for P10.  Have 2 pesos left.

There’s an atm machine sa kanto para magwithdraw ako.  But since it was a payday, dang haba haba ng pila. 
Naisip ko, uwi nalang ako sa Magdiwang, hingi ako barya sa bahay.   But Geez, baka walang tao sa bahay kasi nasa Hospital si Patrice (asthma), that would mean mamumulot nalang ako ng mga barya barya sa bahay, baka makaipon ako ng P9 or P7 kasi me P2 pa naman ako. 

Ohmygulay, I didn’t bring my keys!  Waaaahh!

Naisip ko, manghiram ng pamasahe sa pinsan ko (Ate rei) at sana andun sya sa bahay nila. Hehehe.

Anyway, buti pag uwi ko, andun naman si Mami.  She was about to leave to go to the hosp.  Naawa maige sakin, binigyan ako ng P109. Hehehe.

Bigla ko lang napa-isip. 
What if in the future this will happen to me, not because naiwan ko yung pera ko, pero wala lang talga na akong pera.  Dang hirap maging hirap.

Thank you Lord for everything we have right now.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

pAtRiCe's fiRsT cOnfiNEmEnT

Being the hyper baby that she is, if she slows down a bit, everybody is worried. She was admitted at the hospital last Thursday. Diagnosis was bronchial asthma.

I didn’t even ask how it was when she had her IV on. Basta umiiyak daw yung mami nya. Yung dadi nya couldn’t even take a look, lumabas sa ER. Hehehe.

After a while, she regained her strength. She went up and down the hospital bed, roam around the room..chaos. Too bad the portable DVD malfunctioned, si DORA lang sana ang paraan to slow her down. I brought DVD player later that night, but she was asleep when I arrived.

I think the following day, she was better. So being inside the room bores her to death. She wants to go outside the room. Napakakulit nung bata na yun, naiyak. So her mom made her walk a few steps outside the room para tumahan lang.

Subalit, nagtrip naman, sumakay dun sa dextrose stand at gusto umandar yung stand. Tsk..tsk. O diba, nag-rounds pa si patrice.

Its been 3 days that she’s there in the hospital, the house is lonely w/o her. I hope she’ll be discharged soon.

Friday, November 14, 2008

aRTiCLE bOUt PinOys

I read this article years back, it was sent again to me by a friend, couldnt help laughing.

Matter of Taste
By Matthew Sutherland

I have now been in this country for over six years, and consider myself in most respects well assimilated. However, there is one key step on the road to full assimilation, which I have yet to take, and that's to eat BALUT.

The day any of you sees me eating balut, please call immigration and ask them to issue me a Filipino passport. Because at that point there will be no turning back. BALUT, for those still blissfully ignorant non-Pinoys out there, is a 
fertilized duck egg. It is commonly sold with salt in a piece of newspaper, much like English fis! h and chips, by street vendors usually after dark, presumably so you can't see how gross it is.

It's meant to be an a phrodisiac, although I can't imagine anything more likely to dispel sexual desire than crunching on a partially formed baby duck swimming in noxious fluid. The embryo in the egg comes in varying stages of development, but basically it is not considered macho to eat one without fully discernable feathers,
beak, and claws. Some say these crunchy bits are the best. Others prefer just to drink the so-called 'soup', the vile, pungent liquid that surrounds the aforementioned feathery fetus...excuse me; I have to go and throw up now. I'll be back in a minute.

Food dominates the life of the Filipino. People here just love to eat. 
They eat at least eight times a day. These eight official meals are called, in order: breakfast, snacks, lunch, merienda, merienda ceyna, dinner, bedtime snacks and no-one-saw-me- take-that- cookie-from- the-fridge-so- it- doesn't-count.

The short gaps in between these mealtimes are spent eating Sky Flakes from the open packet that sits on every desktop. You're never far from food in the Philippines . If you doubt this, next time you're driving home from work, try this game. See how long you can drive without seeing food and I don't mean a distant restaurant, or a picture of food. I mean a man on the sidewalk frying fish balls, or a man walking through the traffic selling nuts or candy. I bet it's less than one minute.

Here are some other things I've noticed about food in the Philippines :

Firstly, a meal is not a meal without rice - even breakfast. In the UK ,
I could go a whole year without eating rice. Second, it's impossible
to drink without eating. A bottle of San Miguel just isn't the same
without gambas or beef tapa. Third, no one ventures more than two paces from their house without baon (food in small container) and a container of something cold to drink. You might as well ask a Filipino to leave home without his pants on. And lastly, where I come from, you eat with a knife and fork. Here, you eat with a spoon and fork. You try eating rice swimming in fish sauce with a knife.

One really nice thing about Filipino food culture is that people always ask you to SHARE their food. In my office, if you catch anyone attacking their baon, they will always go, 'Sir! KAIN TAYO!' ('Let's eat!'). This confused me, until I realized that they didn't actually expect me to sit down and start munching on their boneless bangus. In fact, the polite response is something like, 'No thanks, I just ate.' But the principle is sound - if you have food on your plate, you are expected to share it, however hungry you are, with those who may be even hungrier. I think that's great!

In fact, this is frequently even taken one step further. Many Filipinos use 'Have you eaten yet?' ('KUMAIN KA NA?') as a general greeting, irrespective of time of day or location.

Some foreigners think Filipino food is fairly dull compared to other Asian cuisines. Actually lots of it is very good: Spicy dishes like Bicol Express (strange, a dish named after a train); anything cooked with coconut milk; anything KINILAW; and anything ADOBO. And it's hard to beat the sheer wanton, cholesterolic frenzy of a good old-fashioned LECHON de leche (roast pig) feast. Dig a pit, light a fire, add 50 pounds of animal fat on a stick, and cook until crisp. Mmm, mmm... you can actually feel your arteries constricting with each successive mouthful.

I also share one key Pinoy trait ---a sweet tooth. I am thus the only 
foreigner I know who does not complain about sweet bread, sweet burgers, sweet spaghetti, sweet banana ketchup, and so on. I am a man who likes to put jam on his pizza. Try it! It's the weird food you want to avoid. In addition to duck fetus in the half-shell, items to
avoid in the Philippines include pig's blood soup (DINUGUAN); bull's 
testicle soup, the strangely-named 'SOUP NUMBER FIVE' (I dread to think what numbers one through four are); and the ubiquitous, stinky shrimp paste, BAGOONG, and it's equally stinky sister, PATIS.
Filipinos are so addicted to these latter items that they will even risk 
arrest or deportation trying to smuggle them into countries like Australia and the USA, which wisely ban the importation of items you can smell from more than 100 paces.

Then there's the small matter of the purple ice cream. I have never been able to get my brain around eating purple food; the ubiquitous UBE leaves me cold.

And lastly on=2 0the subject of weird food, beware: that KALDERETANG KAMBING (goat) could well be KALDERETANG ASO (dog)... 

The Filipino, of course, has a well-developed sense of food. Here's a typical Pinoy food joke: 'I'm on a seafood diet. 'What's a seafood diet?' 'When I see food, I eat it!'

Filipinos also eat strange bits of animals --- the feet, the head, the guts, etc., usually barbecued on a stick. These have been given witty names, like ADIDAS' (chicken's feet); 'KURBATA' (either just chicken's neck, or 'neck and thigh' as in 'neck-tie'); 'WALKMAN' (pigs ears); 'PAL' (chicken wings); HELMET' (chicken head); 'IUD' (chicken intestines), and BETAMAX' (video-cassette- like blocks of animal blood). Yum, yum. Bon appetit.

'A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches'-- (Proverbs 22:1)

WHEN I arrived in the Philippines from the UK six years ago, one of the
first cultural differences to strike me was names. The subject has provided a continuing source of amazement and amusement ever since. The first unusual thing, from an English perspective, is that everyone here has a nickname. In the staid and boring United Kingdom , we have nicknames in kindergarten, but when we move into adulthood we tend, I am glad to say, to lose them.

The second thing that struck me is that Philippine names for both girls and boys tend to be what we in the UK would regard as overbearingly cutesy for anyone over about five. Fifty-five-year- olds colleague put it. Where I come from, a boy with a nickname like Boy Blue or Honey Boy would be beaten to death at school by pre-adolescent bullies, and never make it to adulthood. So, probably, would girls with names like Babes, Lovely, Precious, Peachy or Apples. Yuk, ech ech. Here, however, no one bats an eyelid.

Then I noticed how many people have what I have come to call 'door-bell names'. These are nicknames that sound like -well, doorbells. There are millions of them. Bing, Bong, Ding, and Dong are some of the more common. They can be, and frequently are, used in even more door-bell-like combinations such as Bing-Bong, Ding-Dong, Ting-Ting, and so on. Even our newly appointed chief of police has a doorbell name Ping . None of these doorbell names exist where I come from, and hence sound unusually amusing to my untutored foreign ear.

Someone once told me that one of the Bings, when asked why he was called Bing, replied, 'because my brother is called Bong'. Faultless logic. Dong, of course, is a particularly funny one for me, as where I come from 'dong' is a slang word for well; perhaps 'talong' is the best Tagalog equivalent.

Repeating names was another novelty to me, having never before encountered people with names like Len-Len, Let-Let, Mai-Mai, or Ning-Ning. The secretary I inherited on my arrival had an unusual one: Leck-Leck. Such names are then frequently further refined by using the 'squared' symbol, as in Len2 or Mai2. This had me very confused for a while.

Then there is the trend for parents to stick to a theme when naming their children. This can be as simple as making them all begin with the same letter, as in Jun, Jimmy, Janice, and Joy. 

More imaginative parents shoot for more sophisticated forms of assonance or rhyme, as in Biboy, Boboy, Buboy, Baboy (notice the names get worse the more kids there are-best to be born early or you could end up being a Baboy).

Even better, parents can create whole families of, say, desserts (Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Honey Pie) or flowers (Rose, Daffodil, Tulip). The main advantage of such combinations is that they look great painted across your trunk if you're a cab driver.

That's another thing I'd never seen before coming to Manila -- taxis with the driver's kids' names on the trunk. 

Another whole eye-opening field for the foreign visitor is the phenomenon of the 'composite' name. This includes names like Jejomar (for Jesus, Joseph and Mary), and the remarkable Luzviminda (for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao , believe it or not). That's a bit like me being called something like Engscowani' (for England , Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland ). Between you and me, I'm glad I'm not.

And how could I forget to mention the fabulous concept of the randomly inserted letter 'h'. Quite what this device is supposed to achieve, I have not yet figured out, but I think it is designed to give a touch of class to an otherwise only averagely weird name. It results in creations like Jhun, Lhenn , Ghemma, and Jhimmy. Or how about Jhun-Jhun (Jhun2)?

How boring to come from a country like the UK full of people with names like John Smith. How wonderful to come from a country where imagination and exoticism rule the world of names. 

Even the towns here have weird names; my favorite is the unbelievably named town of Sexmoan (ironically close to Olongapo and Angeles). Where else in the world could that really be true?

Where else in the world could the head of the Church really be called Cardinal Sin?

Where else but the Philippines !

Note: Philippines has a senator named Joker, and it is his legal name.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

tHe BEST tHiNgs iN LiFe aRe DuTy FrEe

We were at Duty Free mall last Monday with MIL and aunt sol.

My mission was to get a humongous chocolate flavor Nesquik. MIL got us a huge huge strawberry flavor nesquik also.  Wow!  This is good for more than a year supply!

You can shop at Duty free only when you are accompanied by someone who recently got back to the philippines
Ever since, I didn’t like the layout of Duty free.  I don’t know if that’s really the layout worldwide na madadaanan mo talga lahat ng stalls, tapos yung mga nalampasan mo na, hindi mo na mabalikan lahat.  

Nagkahiwalay kami nila mami, so nagikot ikot kami ni Glenn, hanggang makarating na kasi sa exit-dead end.  
Papasok nalang sana ulit  kami kasi hahanapin din namin si MIL dahil me bibilhin ako, kaya lang ayaw na kami papasukin dahil wala daw kaming kasama na me duty free card (balikbayan).  We told the guard that they were inside, and we cannot purchase anything anyway kasi we don’t have the card.  Ayaw parin, we called them, kaya lang hindi sinasagot ang fone.  Pinapage nalang namin na imeet kami sa main entrance lobby, but we thought hindi makikinig ang mga yun sa paging system. Hehehe.  Wala parin sila, papage ulit.

I waited for them at the exit kasi dun at dun din naman sila lalabas.  They were with their shopping carts na. kala nila, nagmamadali lang kami umuwi kasi me pasok pa si Glenn.. Im not sure if their shopping was cut short because of the page. =(

But I have items to buy, so pasok ulit kami.  MIL wasn’t feeling well, it was very cold inside the mall, I felt bad that she had to go inside again for us to buy our stuff.

Hay naku Duty free….feeling nyo naman ha!  Ni wala nga kayong tindang wii ! (wii na naman…)
Hmf, ngenget!  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PatRiCe anD tHe BuBBLeS

Almira told me that Michelle really loved playing with bubbles.  I got several for Patrice, look at how much she enjoys it.

Click the picture below to access Patrice's blog

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

wHy he WoULdnT buY mE a Wii...

Ive been bugging Glenn that we get ourselvesa wii.
Why? Because It would be a nice activity we could do together. Our sundays wouldnt be spent maghapon kami nagiinternet. Although its better now that he uses MIL's notebook, atleast magkatabi na kmi maginternet sa sala. tsk..tsk..

One reason is.....MAHAL syempre!
But we discussed before that its going to be our christmas present for ourselves.  
So i was really hopeful on having one this christmas.

Pero biglang nagiba...eto ang script nya, and this is the MAIN REASON.
"Gusto ko rin yun, and kung gustong gusto mo talga, edi bilhin.  Kaya lang kilala kita, madali ka magsawa.  Tingan mo yung camera, sabi mo GUSTONG GUSTO mo nun, pero hanggang ngayon, hindi mo pa inaaral yung manual.  Masyadong mahal ang wii para sawaan agad.”

There is actually some truth to that, i remember telling myself na gusto ko ng portable DVD player, when I had one (c/o FIL), i realized na hindi naman sya dapat ikaloka ko, tipong i wouldnt sleep with it naman. hehehe.  then there's this P990i cellphone, I told glenn, i want it because it has wifi and i dont need to boot the computer to check my mail and send emails.  Pero ang hirap kayang magtype sa hindi keyboard!

Okay okay, i surrender. No more wii for me.  Magdance revo nalang ako. Meron naman Dance revo na sa PC lang. Kuya Denz gave me USB connector to have Playstation dance pad work on the pc.  The software...stepmania(?).  Ill still have to figure it out.

Monday, November 10, 2008

oUr (sUPPosEd) cEBu TrIP..

Last night when I went home to noveleta, kuya alan, ate patty and mom were busy packing stuff for cebu trip.  (Dad wouldn’t want to join us, no surpise actually.  Then Kuya Dennis was requested to have his contract signing  today with his new employer kaya he cant join us)

We were worried kasi meron bagyo days before. 
Pero wala na naman, kaya Ok lang.  
Andami bitbit ni patrice, she’s got 3 bathingsuits pa!  I ofcourse have to bring my camera, tapos I thought it would be better if I also bring Glenn’s video camera to document all Patrice  Its Patrice’s first time sa beach, she could ran all she wants, we wouldn’t have to worry na madapa sya. Hehehe.  
Sobrang exciting.

I alarmed my fone 4:30AM dahil we have to leave the house 5:30AM.  
It went off and I snoozed it, and then the fone rang.  
Its my mom, patrice has a fever.  We all decided to cancel the trip.

Hay sayang.
Everyone was gloomy.  We were all excited pa naman.  
My dad felt how nanghihinayang we were.  It would have been a very fun trip.  Plus, weve made hotel bookings na.

My dad says “Don’t worry, babayaran ko nalang” 
He means to say, he’ll give us back whatever the financial damages were.  (Para ma-lessen ang lungkot namin)

Ha!  As if it were anybodys fault.  

He’s always like that…..sya ang laging “loser” sa huli.  Bayani! Hehehe

I wonder if I can charge my dad the MiniDV cassettes, new slippers, patrice’s new bathing suit…….
Just kidding.

Btw, since we will have the REFUND, hmmm……would it be too much if I plan another getaway. Hahaha!
Im soo impossible, right?

Ow, you may be wondering how patrice is right now. I called home to ask how she is...She's OK and playing makulit.  Tskk...tsk.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

mAhiRaP nGa SiGuRo MagDisiPliNA nG BaTa

Last night, while we were playing, Patrice got excited again and hit me with her majorette baton.  Hindi naman sya ganun kasakit, but i have to let her know that is wrong.  Ofcourse her Lola screamed  "NOooo Patrice, thats bad!"  

But i think, sa kaka-"no" ng mami ko maghapon, immune na sya.  Parang "hello" nalang yun sa kanya.  

So, talgang tinalakan ko si patrice.  Medyo nakakaintindi na sya.  Dati kasi pag pinagalitan sya, hindi nya alam na pikon na ako, makikipaglaro parin. First time kagabi na tumahimik sya, nakayuko and played with her fingers.  OHHH MY, MUKHANG KAWAWA.

When i saw her na nagreact ng ganun, My heart sank.  Sobrang gusto ko na sya kagargahin and play again and make her forget about it.  Waaah!    Pero hindi pwede diba?

She slept na hindi ako kinukulit.  I was soo guilty.  Sheesh, i shouldnt feel that way!  She has to learn!

Sana mamaya when we see each other, forgets na nya. 

Sunday, November 2, 2008

aLL sAiNtS DaY ... then and Now

Sayang November 1 fell on a saturday, walang additional special holiday.

While Glenn and I were in Tabon cemetery, napagusapan namin kung ano ang pinag-gagagawa namin nung all saints day in the highschool days.

Hahaha. Super japorms, wear your best dress kasi maraming teens ang makikita sa cemetery. AMININ! kayo rin, ganun. hahaha. Tapos, mamamasyal-masyal, hahanapin ang classmates, at makikitambay dun sa puntod na binabantayan ng classmates. hehehe.

Marami daw taga St Mary sa Tabon cemetery. Wala naman kami masyado nakita, siguro lahat sila halos nasa abroad na. Dati din daw, super bongga ang mga bulaklak dun, ngayon hindi na. Sa hirap na nga siguro ng buhay ngayon.


Eto ang pinaka malaking pagbabago Noon at ngayon.
Matanong ko sa inyo, nung bata kayo..did you try to collect the melted candles and shape them into balls? Me and my cousins usually do that, glenn does too. I think a lot of kids used to do that.

At Imus cemetery, Glenn and I were making a candle balls, allyson (7 years old) came up to me and asked "Ano yan?"

I replied "These are our toys, ginagawa namin pag all saints day, yung melted candle, binubuo namin. Dati ganito lang ang toys namin, iba dati"

Siguro parang na-weirduhan sya, she said "Me electricity na ba nun?"


Iba kasi ang pinagkakabusy-han ng mga pamangkins ko sa cemetery. My 3 year old pamangkins were on a laptop playing interactive game Dora the explorer. Kinaya nyo yun?!
I laid my hands on a laptop college na... Ngayon, they operate it by themselves!

Hay, ibang iba na talga ngayon.