Thursday, May 15, 2008


I just want to share with you our story about cakes.

Kasi they are given for free, at delivered pa!

My mom’s sister's family owns the “Conching Sabale’s Homemade Cakes”. Miski wedding cake na alam nating 5 digits ang presyo, libre! I loved my wedding cake.

Why all of a sudden I post an entry about cakes?
kasi based from Feedjit, somebody dropped by my blog by googling "sabale's cake house"
Cute name....sabale's cake house..
Ive never thanked them enough for the hundreds of cakes na binigay nila.
If only i live near their place, na i could take a picture of their new creations, I'd make them a blogspot account.

To those who might have landed this page trying to search for their bakeshop it is: (046)434-2807

Website is under construction LINK

August 21, 2008 - I noticed many people have landed this page googling the conching sabale homemade cake. I will try to upload their creation whenever i find time.

Sample cake 1: Wedding cake of Uuy
Sample cake 2: Birthday cake of my niece
Sample cake 3: Birthday cake that was personally designed by the customer and my blogfriend KathySample cake
Sample cake 4: cake table centerpiece instead of flowers. Ill try to upload my wedding cake.
Sample cake 5: Emman & Myls wedding
Sample cake 6: (Custom Blings) proud Mom of Enzo

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♥ KaThYcOt ♥ said...

hi there, saw u passed by my blog... niweys, from cavite ka din pala.. and pareho din tau halos ng church were we wed at ng island cove purple din kame.. dec '05 :)

speaking of cakes, loves ko din conchings i believe dun din gawa ung sa reception namin :) pero ung sa bday ng baby ko dun ako nagpagawa... nakuha talaga nila ung sample na pinakita ko.. :)

Pukaykay said...

Hello Kathy. I saw your blog in the google’s result of Conching cakes. Your baby’s cake is very nice. Im glad to read that you were happy with your baby’s nice cake. Ill tell them that =) Perhaps your wedding cake is from them too, they supply cakes for Island Cove.

I have checked your weddingannouncer page too, same na same nga =) - St Mary-Island Cove. =)

almira said...

i think you should create a website nga of their cakes. or they should heheh. would love to see more of their cakes. i really like your wedding cake too. made me wish i went ahead with my original plan and had your aunt do my cake! haaay! oh well! nga pala, baka umuwi kami january 2009. =) gimik tayo ha!

Pukaykay said...

Nabanggit ko nga sa pinsan ko na magwebsite sya.

wow, that's good news! san out of town ninyo? makapagipon na para makasama. hehehe

almira said...

mali ako! di pala 2009! 2010 pa pala! hehe naexcite ako bigla. =)pero sabihin ko sayo kung san namin balak magpunta para makaprepare tayo. =)

myls said...

matagal nang balak ni ate emilyn un... i told her maganda kung magkaroon sila e... i think that was a year ago, kaso di na namin napag-usapan uli. :(

Pukaykay said...

Hello mimie, Oki, i have enough time to prepare =)

Myls, nakachat ko si ate emilyn, sabi nya tingan daw nya about the website =)

Anonymous said...

Hi is it possible to get the owner's name???thanks

Pukaykay said...

Owner's name is Emilyn Sabale, daughter of Mrs Conching Sabale. =)

Anonymous said...

hi... can i have the e-mail address of the owner? thanks...

Pukaykay said...

You may contact them at

Pukaykay said...

You may contact them at

Rosimay Escalona said...

Hii there I'm from Imus din po.. How much po kaya starting price ng Wedding Cakes? :) Thankyou :)

Pukaykay said...

Hio Rosimay, they can actually adjust based on your budget. It would be best for you to drop by any of their shop (they have one in Imus) para mapagdiscussan nyo.

Good luck.