Thursday, May 31, 2007


Im so "slow" when it comes to computers. Everything about computer, i say "Kuya, bat nagpop-up na message?!" , "kuya, paano pa maalis yung background?", "Kuya wala na namang internet!!!"

Sobrang nasosora na kuya ko sakin.
At the apart yesterday, i felt like studying photoshop. kaya eto, marunong na ako mag magic wand =) tapos transparent background.

Hey, for some, it may come easy. But not to everyone.

Im so pround of myself! Take a look..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

whEn WaS tHe LaSt TimE yOu FeLt UnImpoRtant?

not important or noteworthy

Saturday, May 26, 2007

tEam bUilding-BuilDiNgAn

Whew! I just got back from Materials lab team building-buildingan. Grabe, We left Botanical Garden at UPLB ng 4PM. I reached home ng 10PM! Grabe, mahal ko lang talga ang matlab!!!!

Organizing this activity was quite a challenge
, from the budgeting t
o fixing the staff schedule, finding a location na swak sa budget, the activity..etc. Well, I enjoyed this day. It was tiring nga lang, kasi grabe ang haba ng lakarin, pati mabato ang lalakaran, maputik, ma-langgam. But it was all worth it.

*Arrived at the Botanical Garden..Can you tell sino ang galing nightshift?

passing a rocky road

Paano ba makarating dyan?!!!
We started the games with the boat is sinking, this was fun
=) then some other games like Helium test (o diba, miski games, ka-chemicalan parin!)

*Photos from the boat is sinking

Helium stick game...kinareer nila to talga

Napakamalas ni Kuya Raul, bumigay yung swelas ng sapatos, pero that didnt stop him. Look at his engineering method!

Our Group Pics

I hosted the pinakamagulong game sa balat ng lupa....2 truths and a lie.

We did the Free Fall. This is the first time I did this. Its a sign that I trust them completely.

This day was a happy day for everyone. Thank you to Matlab for taking your time out to be part of this activity. Most especially to mam sha D. for organizing this. Ma'am Sha, si apple kasi ang may kasalanan kaya ikaw ang naiistress sa pagorganize nito .

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I aM MiS spEllinG

I think "Miss Spelling" should be my new screen name. Do you notice how frequent i misspell in my blog. Minsan its typo-error.

Pero its not just the spelling, my choice of words can be crazy.
Here is my conversation with my mom few days ago

Mom: Maganda yung gown ni allyson sa pagcocotillion-an nya sa bellevue.
Jamie: baka yung uso ngayon, yung nakalabas yung stool.

Mom: ano, paano?
Jamie: basta, uso yun ngayon, tanong nyo pa kay ate emilyn

Few hours later, my mom was laughing like crazy kasi naalala nya yung coonversation namin sabi nya

Mom: Gie, naaalala ko yng sinasabi mong gown, ang nakalabas ay tulle...hindi stool. Do you know what stool is?!
Jamie: Ahehehe.. oo nga noh.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I nEEd a DiScIpLiNArY aCTIoN

I told myself i will work on trimming my waist down starting Monday. Pero nagextend ako na Tuesday nalang.

Yesterday, i decided just to have siomai for dinner. 3PM palang takam na takam na ako sa siomai ni sling terai. Kaya lang napadaan ako sa Minute buger. Uhmmm, baka mabitin naman ako sa siomai. Kaya bili narin ako. BUY 1 TAKE 1 nga pala ang burgers dun. Eh since takam na takam ako sa siomai, i still have to buy siomai.

So in sort, I ate 2 burgers and 6pieces siomai. Waah, suko na ako sa sarili ko.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

sOrbEtes iS tHE BesT!

I love ice cream. I found out about this FIC ice cream when we were at Rockwell. Im so glad na meron na palang stall sa Glorietta.

This is me while waiting for Glenn. First time na hindi ako nainip. ahehhe. Ang sarap talga ng Avocado flavor. THE BEST!

mArRiAge BanNs

Look at lucky number 7


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shoot the hoops

I am a sportless human being. Tonight over at Glenn's, we played basketball, race to 20. I dont even know if you can call it basketball, basta nag shoot lang kami sa ring, race to 20. Guess what the score is 20-11. Syempre si Glenn yung 20. But Glenn was also surprised na nakakashoot ako. Ang saya!

By the way, nagbasketball kami miski gabi na kasi i checked my weight kanina. From 90+ lbs last month to ......101lbs now! WHATT!!!! urgh! hay, kaya ko to!

i lOve FrEEbIeS...wHo dOeSNt?

Text 7DAYS to 2966

Yesterday, my friends and I were at Festival Mall, and we decided to take advantage of the Ponds age miracle trial pack. It can be claimed at PCX in Festi kaya nagregister na kami.
Here it is. I hope i wont be allergic to this. Kasi I tried mom's Olay Total Effects nagka pimples ako.

thE BaTteRed H2B

I was browsing our prenup photos today because we have to decide now on which to submit for the guetbook and i chanced upon these photos

Hey my fellas, need not worry about me being battered. Look, i can defend myself pretty well.


*photos posted with permission from hubby2

Hoy, grabe naman kayo, hindi naman ako nananakit. Naglalambingan kami nyan. Tanong nyo pa kay Glenn.

Friday, May 18, 2007

There's something weird in the neighborhood..Who you gonna call?....kITChIe!

Hay, wala na bang katapusan ang farewell ko sa mga friends ko sa HICAP. Ay naku ha, itong blog ko, parang HICAP Resignees corner na.

Another one good friend will leave. Si kitchie ay clerk namin dito.
Sobrang mamimiss sya ng lahat ng QS/Matlab.

These are few of the many things I will miss about her.
1. Wala na akong answering machine. We share the same local number, isang ring palang, sagot na agad nya.
2. Sino na ang hihingan ko ng photocopy form, leave form, material gatepass.
3. Uubra ba sa iba na I forgot to swipe in, pero hindi ako nakapag log on time, si chichi pa magtatanong kung anong oras ako nag In nung isang araw.
4. Wala ng magandang babae ang magaabot sakin ng payslip ko.
5. Sino na ang hihingan ko ng Reynolds ballpen and cleanroom notebook?
6. Wala ng magtatambak sakin ng documents for routing.
7. Pag meron akong gustong alamin admin matters, sya una kong tinatanong.
8. Pag me business trip ang engineers dito, si ate kitch ang nagpeprepare ng OTA, laptop, allowance.
9. mamimiss ko yung pag uwi nya ng 6PM, na never kong maunahan sa shuttle. ehehe
10. Wala ng magdidistribute equally ng chocolates pag meron nagbigay galing training abroad.
11. Wala na akong ka sametime tungkol sa mga bagay bagay.

Grabe kitch, we love you like a sister in Mat Lab. SoBrAnG lOVe kA nAMiN.
Ang bait bait mong tao.

Bow ako sayo!

Goodluck sayo. I will pray na hindi mo mamiss ng todo todo ang pamangkin mo.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

tHe NaNAyS oF mY LiFe

Nanay Digna
Syempre, ang mother ko ang number 1. I hope I can be like her when I get to have kids. Ive had previous post regarding my Nanay link. I have more than a thousand reasons to be so proud of her. She's the epitome of motherhood for me.
Early this year, with the preparation of my wedding, she was worried that things may change. I wasnt able to secure her before that everythings gonna be the same. Here is my response to one of her comments on our wedblog.

Ate Elsa

She took care of me when I was a child. I confess parati ko syang inaaway noon. Sya ang nagtuturo sakin ng mga assignments ko, she takes me to school. She does my school projects, sobrang berks kami nung minsan na nilagyan nya ako ng Nail polish when i in pre-school. =) Pag meron program sa school, sya ang make-up artist ko. I hope i can repay in anyway with her son Kevin. Thanks!

Tita Is

Just this afternoon, Glenn and I were talking about our toys in childhood. Glenn says he had a Voltes5, I told him "Meron din kuya ko nun, bigay ni tita Is" and then I told him "Meron ka bang cabbage patch, eh fisher price, barbie, yung kitchen ni barbie, meron din kaming Atari noon, pati kuya ko meron relo na may game&watch........the list goes on". We were at par with our playmates when it comes to toys kasi pinoprovide ni Tita. From earings na pare-pareho kaming magpipinsan, the pencils na kikay, the dress pareho kami nila IJ, pero sila skirt, sakin pants kasi ayaw ko ng hindi pants. Up until now, she sends us stuff from abroad. I remember sya lang ang constantly sinusulatan namin sa abroad through snail mail. And, she never misses to send birthday greeting cards to everybody. Very thoughtful. Tita, thank you. Kaming magpipinsan so look up to you. Thanks, bow kami sayo.

Mami Ai

3 years 10 months with her says a lot about her. She is my youngest mother. I have learned so much from her. This is one non-relative person that I love so dearly. (Hindi po to bola, hindi naman sya magaappraise na sakin) ahehehe. ive also written about her in this blog. Read this link to know more about her.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Legal na Public Display of Affection =0

Here are candid shots from our prenup photos .
Grabe, ang init, we were sweating like p*g. I didnt have make-up on, i told you, I'd look better without it.

Erwin(photographer): Okay, lets have a sweetie-sweetie pose, you can cuddle each other.
Glenn: Kelangan ba talga nitong mga ganto ganto, daming tao..kakahiya.
Jamie: Sige na, kinana yung right hand mo, iwrap mo sa waist ko.

Glenn: Pangit yung mga yapusan ng yapusan, maganda yung candid.
Jamie: OO nga, hindi naman tayo sanay sa mga ganun pose.

Erwin(photographer): Glenn, could you point at something from afar, then both of you will look at that direction
Glenn: Oh no, here it is, "malayo ang tingin...."
Jamie: Wahaha...I cant believe we are doing this!

Glenn: Ano daw sabi ni Kuya Erwin, magpose daw ng paano?
Jamie: Teka, tanong natin ulit.

These are the pose we are kinda more comfi..just goofing around and doing our own thing

*reliving the JS prom (the very memorable JS! urgh!)

*Naglalaro kami dito ng patagalan magbalance...habang nagtutulakan


*O sige, pagbigyan si Kuya Erwin, isang desenteng pose habang naglalaro

There are 600+ shots to choose from, mostly ay nakabungisngis kami. Well, ganun naman talga kami ni Glenn, we know that there will be very few shots na tipong pang portrait. Ill make an album of other photos, ill share it with you soon.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

iTs jUst aNotHer LoneLy RaIny DaY

I went to have a haricut at Paseo de Sta Rosa today, its my first to go there alone. During the ol' days, i'd go there with malou, Apple and plok. Now, no more. Nasa abroad na sila. But I badly need a haircut, kaya I went to the salon alone. =( Its so sad... I have my first ever hair coloring there with malou and Apple. I would always fine dine there at Jollibee. Now, no one will order for me =( Tapos, I went home alone via tricycle, no one argued with the driver of overcharging. =(

Lonely..lonely..lonely at work right now =(

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I miss her....

Its been 6 months since she left Hitachi, but i still miss her.

I miss my boss
I miss it when she instructs me to do something I hate to do
That way upon doing that hated task, i grow some likeness in doing it.

I miss my teacher
I miss her when she calls me from her desk and asks me to revise something in my report.
I miss her being a critic, that way when there is no revisions on my reports,I feel so proud of myself and say "Success!"

I miss my disciplinarian
I miss it when she disciplines me to complete report before due date.

I miss my friend
How can you lie to her when your absent about being sick when infact you have somewhere to go.

She texts you "Ok dear, take a rest" and she means it sincerely and wouldnt try to call you while you are resting

When you tell her a sad story, she'll start to cry before you do.

When somebody is in need of help, she's always there.

Gosh..I miss her.
As long as I sit at this desk at work, I will continously miss her

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I jUsT cAnt gEt yOu oUt oF mY HeAd

Im going gaga over my niece.


Its TImE tO tHiNk aBouT pRaCtIcE DriVinG

Yesterday while May, Mia and I are Divisoria, Glenn and I were exchanging text messages. Glenn was at his home resting, he was sick. On the way home from Divi, Glenn said he wants to see a doctor. Glenn must be in real paln, because he doesnt consult with doctors. He doesnt even take medicines for fever, cough and colds.

So when i got that message, WE HAVE TO GO TO THE DOCTOR. So I texted him "Ok, pauwi na ako, punta tayo ER mamya, wait lang" actually dapat ito isasama ko sa text "O, pahinga ka, at pagaling ka, para makapagdrive ka to the ER"

How fustrating. Glenn has been there driving for me kahit san ako magpunta. I cant be of help to take him to hosp. Buti nalang Josen was at home so he joined us to the ER.

Hay, paano ba yan.. Eh ayoko talga po magdrive, its so....not safe. Kaya lang kelangan. eeeehhhhhh...

Glenn is feeling better(?) now. We have to check with other Dr today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No deseo hacer esto más

We are busy right now working with Hitachi-Mexico. We have to study their procedures to adapt it in Hitachi-Philippines. hmmm..thats a lot of work.

But take this...they send us their procedures in Spanish!

qué ?!!!! How are we going to work on that.

So we translate is using the translator online, but some translations are not understandable, some are funny actually.

Waah, Ive got a lot of Mexican work ahead.

Btw, translation of the the subject is:
Desire not to do this anymore