Monday, October 8, 2007


I was expecting an important call last Friday.

Alam nyo ba yung feeling na naghihintay ka ng tawag tapos your fone wont ring! Its the first time na nainis ako na tinext ako ni Glenn, kasi when my phone vibrated, i squirted i thought it was a phone call from somebody. Eh hindi.. Ang sad. Tapos yung tipong i went to the restroom, and as soon as I reach my desk, titingnan ko agad if I had a miss call.. WALA! ang nakalagay sa LCD ko "GLOBE" Badrip.

When I got home Friday night, when I saw Glenn, I told him "I-comfort". His embrace is really comforting. Wow, ang mushy ko. iww!!!! Pero totoo mga friends, when somebody's down, try to embrace that person especially if he is cute! aheheheh


ApPLe said...

waiting for gud news sa lakad mo nung wednesday ba un? =)

almira said...

bru mag email ka. how are you?