Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Type of "sermon" i love from my boss..

Sorry for the english.
My boss is Korean, parang automatic na ganitong english din ang isasagot ko sakany.
He has told me several time to speak normal english so he will improve.
Ewan ko, automatic.

My boss is full of wisdom. Bless him.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Typhoon Glenda Day05

Glenn went back to Putol at 3AM and left me at Red House.
I had a good sleep, woke up at 9AM - sobrang liwanag!

Glenn arrived shortly and brought our clothes for iron pressing, the kabayo too.
He invited Ate Linda to do the pressing here.

Patrice loves it that we are home.
She was with us the whole time playing with her lego and trying to borrow Glenn's lego.
Its funny seeing Glenn watch Patrice play with his miniatures. Napapa "Ohhh" sya. LOL
Did you know as a kid, Glenn prohibits his brother move his action figure's hands - kasi luluwag.
So playing = staring. hahaha

At 1PM, the electricity in Putol was restored.
But PLDT still down :(
Hay, life without internet.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Typhoon Glenda Day 04

I just cant sleep with the mosquitoes anymore.  
We still havent picked up the bed, so
its like camping at the redhouse tonight.

Have to take a nap for a few hours because i didnt get sleep at all last night. Then we go to SinEx to eat at 11pm

2AM update:  went to Mcdonalds Cavite City instead :)

Glenn on midnight snack..

Typhoon Glenda Day03

It was a good day at work.
It was my first time to have talked a little about a project with our CEO.

My boss says "Jamie, we have 10 minutes to present this"
Huh, 10 minutes lang?  I have so much to say, we cant squeeze it in 10minutes.
Tapos nagkoreano pa sila ng mga 5minutes. Ayun, madami ako hindi nasabi na I should have.
But i think we did fine :)

So i was in happy mood when i went to my parents house.
Great news was electricity is resumed there.
Ofcourse i wasnt expecting Kawit to have it back, but whats important to me is my parents wont be bored and can watch TV and play with their gadgets! :)

When was the last time you took a bath in poso?
Glenn's complaining na iaakyat nya pa ang iigib nya, bat daw hindi nalang din ako sa poso maligo.
Ayun, dun din ako naligo.
Dahil naginvite sya, i was expecting he had my bath products narin, pero hindi.
So i used his body wash.

Wow, amoy downy april fresh.
I loved that smell kasi amoy stateside!  Seryoso!
Sabi ko "mabango pala to, bat hindi mo sinabi?!!!"
Glenn "Paubos na nga, sabi ni mami wala na syang mabilhan nyan.. kaya tinitipid  ko. Wag mong gamitin!"

Try nyo to, promise.

It was hard to sleep last night. Walang hangin, my neighbors are celebrating they have electricity.
We are in between 2 houses na nagvivideoke. 
There were also too much mosquito kagabi, they had a feast on me. 

Tonight, we plan to stay at the Red House.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Typhoon Glenda Day02

Our neighbors got their electricity back.
I dont really mind, except nakaka awa lang si Glenn na parati nagiigib.
But we are enjoying this primitive adventure.
Im not sure if Glenn's is OK with eating "tutong" rice :D

Glenn picked me up at work and we went straight to SM Rosario to buy water container.

Wow, lahat ng tao nakadikit sa wall and nakaupo sa sahig.  Any wild guess why?  they are charging their gadgets! The brought with them extension cords pa! :D

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Typhoon Glenda Day01

That was a strong typhoon. Whew!
Good that it didnt have too much rain.

We are happy with this flood.
Yes we are, last year it was as high as the concrete fence.
Its not flooded inside the fence, thats a good thing.

Im so proud of my bamboos.  Meron pang natira! Yey

There's a pond inside the house.  The water seeps from the window.  But thats all about it.  Im not disappointed.
 Since its expected to be brown out for several days, back in Kawit i cooked Bistek good for 3 days! ahahaha.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tales from the Friend Zone show

My young officemates (in their early 20's) are talking about this short clip at lunch.
Lovelife issue, so I watched it too

While watching it, i said "Ano ba yan, bat hindi nalang maghiwalay na"
Natawa sila.
Somebody say "Actually kayo nga naisip ko dyan, kasi ang tagal tagal niyo na ng husband nyo pero parang bago parin kayo"

I was like "diba ganun naman talaga?"
Hindi daw.  Wahahaha.
Seryoso, whenever Glenn picks me up at work, naaaninag ko palang ang kotse - ngiting ngiti na ako.
At pagbukas ng pinto, magaasaran na kami.  Sometimes i tell him na pwede ba we be silent even for 5minutes. Walang ganun.

Thank you Lord! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

At it again --> Korean drama

I was at my parents house yesterday and she was watching The Heirs in local channel.

So when i got home, i checked the first episode in
I started first episode at 8PM, ended watching at 1AM.
Oh my, im hooked again.

I prefer watching this kesa sa mga illegal wife, husband’s lover, other woman …mga extra marital affairs. Atleast itong mga ganito…feeling young ako. Ahehehe.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

One wish granted --> hillsong concert

I finally attended a Hillsong concert!

It was a great worship night, everyone is singing crazy like me. Crowd was amazing.

I am happy to realize that its not the singer who can move you. Hillsong and Manila, you rock :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tiring week

Ive been in the company for 6 years, but transferred R&D officce 4X already.
I think this is home now.

R&D office is so big, my whole house can fit.
I dont know what to do with so much space for 6 people.

Hindi kami magkasundo ng boss ko, I want plant, i want new shelves, i want painting.
Doesnt matter daw the office items, whats important to him is the people inside.
Haay, napaka deadmakels..kakainis. Tipong ang labas tuloy kung ano ano pinagiintindi ko other than work.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Its been a while since Ive been googling about London and Paris.
And then suddenly my bestfriend Almira posted a photo on Facebook, she is in London!

And then i learned Paris is train away.
Lalo ako nag gugumoogle.

Sabi ko kay Glenn, dont let me die without having been there.
Pwede naman mangarap diba?

Eto usapan namin

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shakeys Supercard :)

Ive just has the Shakeys supercars 2 months ago, Ive made 5 pizza deliveries already. That doesnt sound so right, eh?

Recently ko lang nadiscover itong card na ito 
P399 for a year validity.  Get 1 free pizza for ever large pizza delivered plus free 1.5L coke.  Naman, too good to pass :)

Our P450 meal at the comfort of our home. Tig isang pizza kami!! 

What we do at where I am employed..

We produce nanofiber, and this is what MIT says about nanofiber :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hanging by a thread

Hay, i cant wait til my boss gets back.
Yey, 2 more days at work without him.  He'll be here in May 5!

This morning, i sent a message to a coworker...
Natawa ako.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bagong Bayani..tsk.tsk

Eto ang the best:

* May cancel swap if necessarry