Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bagong Bayani..tsk.tsk

Eto ang the best:

* May cancel swap if necessarry

Monday, April 14, 2014


A Christian friend posted a link of Hillsong concert in Manila.
I couldnt believe myself.
The last time they had their concert here - i still didnt know about them.

Hillsong has been my favorite worship band.
Especially "Oceans Will Part"

So, when i saw Noreen's message early morning, i checked the website if tickets are on sale.
However, reservations lang daw muna via phone call.
Call agad ako, pero forever busy.  Its Manila line, so i cant just make a call from the office.
I asked a close friend to try it for me - pero busy din.

So i followed the twitter, facebook account of the producer Beccamusic.
Ayun, they allow reservations via email.
Email naman ako, pero i didnt receive any confirmation.
So i called ticketnet, when its going to be on sale...wala pa daw info ang Becca

Then they had a post that they will start selling at Ticketnet on April 10.
I checked ticketnet's facebook, 10AM daw.

I am so ready for that 10AM online booking (clenching fist)
Practisado ako sa Piso Fare.  I am so sure i can secure seats.

I had a meeting at 9AM, its sure finished by 10.
kaya lang namove ng namove ang meeting.
Ay naku, um-oo ako ng um-OO sa requests, ma-adjourn nalang agad.
Ayun, 10AM
Booked whatever is the best available.
Patron daw, Gow..2 tickets for mom and me.

Pagkabili ko...SRO...ano yun, standing room only.
Aww.. keri ba ni mader magstanding.. parang hindi.
Book ulit, Upper Box for P500. Bahala sa si Patron SRO, i know i can sell them later.
Or if mom is okay with SRO, i can sell the Upper Box.
Anyway, i actually dont care where... I just want to be there,

When i asked mom, she prefers Upper Box.
So i asked Noreen if she is interested with my SRO tickets, i sold it to her at discounted price. 
Because if not for her, I wouldnt have known - right?

Oh well, I am so ready.
I have already booked us a hotel too after the concert. 
I am starting to listen to their Zion album so i can sing my heart out without looking at the screen.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Budul budul Boss

Weeks ago, i received a raw material.
And was asked to think of how we can incorporate our nanoproduct on it.

Pagkita ko palang, tipong.. "Huh? as in?  anong gagawin ko dito?"

But ofcourse, we have to try it.
So ive been working on it (semi-working)
Its not exciting to develop something you dont believe in, right?

Then the President arrived today.
I was asked to report the project to him, idea nya pala yun! Gosh.

My boss is in Canada, but luckily there's another Korean manager supporting me.
I told him "Sir, i dont think this is something we can work on"
Korean Manager "Come na, Mr Pres waiting for your presentation"
Jamie:  "Sir, is it Okay i tell him negative?"
Korean Manager "I dont know about that project, but how can?"

Gosh, impromptu presentation and i find myself saying the otherwise.
He asked me to prepare samples, if its possible
Jamie: Yes

What?! what?! what did i just say?!

Pres:  I need to handcarry on Friday
Jamie: Okay sir

Arrrgh,  kaya ko ba gumawa ng sample

Pres: Can you consider other polymer?
Jamie:  Actually, Polyblahblah is something that may work.

Ahahahahah... PAKTAY

Budul budul ito!!!

Goodluck sakin!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nolboo Night

Another Nolboo night last Monday.
It wasnt the usual kulitan mode.

My boss will be gone for a month and there's somebody resigning. :(

When we got to Nolboo,  ang boss "You know, i love you all guys"
O diba, emoticon ang theme namin.

He made us promise that we will still be here when he gets back (hopefully after a month talaga)
Mahirap talaga pag wala si bossing.
"Never submit resignation, Ok? Just VL-can be."
Can be pala ha.... :D

He shares his first impression on me.
Arrogant daw. Ahahaha
"She talks tagalog, not share with me"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kilay grooming

Im such a lousy lousy female.
Grooming my eyebrow is something i always forget.

But when i saw my niece's eyebrow in her party.  Nahiya ako bigla. She is 7, im 27 yrs older. Gosh, makikita sa picture tong  kilay ko!  Blade! Blade! Sinong meron? At sino marunong ?!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Afraid, terrified, petrified, horrified

I have the best boss.
I have the highest respect for him.
Yesterday he told me this "CEO wants me go to Canada to help with the start up"
All members: jaw-drop 
Jamie: When? How long? Why again?
Sir: he wants me leave tom, but can not

Everybod starts typing in our group chat "ohmygosh!!!!!"

Waaah, how can? Mahigit 2months yun malamang.  Kayanin ba namin? Omygulay!

Tonight he called me about something, i sent him a quick mail.  And got this text.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Throwback Patrice

Patrice will be celebrating her bday next week, may i volunteer to make her invitation
Im collecting photo for a mini gallery sana and i find myself crying as i edit the photos.  Arte arte ko. 
Look how cute she was

Monday, March 3, 2014

Whats up with me

Its been a long time since i have posted in this blog.
A lot of things happened.
I went to Japan for a business trip (best business trip ever!)
I researched and purchased Videoke set-up for dad's home.  Had to know what type are those on videoke bar.
Ive read around 20 ebooks. Yes! Chick Lit!!!! ahahah

I promise to be back.  After i finish my 3 ebooks on queue.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Ive never thought overeating would hurt so bad.  So bad i had Glenn take me to ER. Kakahiya man, but i have been restless from 12AM to 4am.  2 antacids didnt work.

Can someone teach the nurse to poke needles.  

I was given 2 shots and it worked well.  I was acidic din daw so limit coffee and soda. :(

Here i am at my sick bed at home.  Glenn took this photo while i was asleep because my 3 nurse keeping a good eye on me :)
He asked, why cant they be like that yo me. Hehe
Didnt tell my parents about the ER until this afternoon.  Here's what mom twxted me.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Inuman Session

Jon dropped by Putol, we thought of tambay in Noveleta. 
Bought San Mig light and lechon manok.
Fun night :)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Garden gardeningan

I will be hosting the RnD Christmas party this coming Saturday, our simple landscape has just finished and the grass is still brown (the area between the concrete slab is grass).  I cant wait for it turn green! Sana its green by Saturday.

We will be watering the plants several times daw kasi bagong lagay.
 When Glenn saw how i water it, eto sabi nya
"Ano ba yan, wasiwas ka ng wasiwas dyan"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Late Post: Early Morning Birthday Bike

Woke up early to ride bike with Glenn. 
Nakarating kami ng Imus!
I think my skill has improved.  Slow riding is starting to be ok for me.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Gift idea: Ed Lapiz books

I had been thinking of what to get my R&D girls this Christmas.  Most of them are in our bible study group and I know we all love Pastor Ed Lapiz.

I was able to get 11 different books (need 4 more).  This is what I will give them, maghiraman nlang sila edi parang naka 11 books sila. :)

At...binasa ko na sila bago ko ibigay :)
Im wrapping them now.
Im on tipid mode so i used manila paper instead (P3.00), i pasted strip of Christmas wrapper ng magmukha naman syang Christmas gift.  Not bad naman, diba?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Feeling nostalgic

When I started to work and then got married, i had less time window shopping with mom.
Last Saturday was holiday, Mom and I went to SM Bacoor.
Things never changed, she goes to toilet in 2nd floor and I'd wait by Kamiseta.

I adored this in college and my early years of working.
I couldnt wait until Christmas so i can buy clothes!

I was feeling nostalgic, shopping with mom and Kamiseta.
Bought 1 blouse tuloy.