Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tokyo on a budget

Hello hello blog.
Its been a while I know!

Well, I have been preparing for our Tokyo trip with limited budget.
I really need to keep it low in budget - super over budget ang leisure for this year.
      2015 is my most travelsome (is there such word?) year.
      In January, I went to El Nido Palawan (we took the plane straight to Elnido, yep - expensive. And stayed in a  really nice resort)
      In June, I went to Sydney Australia and tour with best friend (visa fee + non Cebpac flight is ouch+ did you know hotels is Sydney is expensive?! buti I shared with Almira).
In October, i went to Seoul in South Korea on business trip.  Eto okay lang, kasi walang gastos -  tumubo pa :P

Anyway, here goes for the Japan trip...

Japan Visa Fee - P990
Yey, i got 5year multiple entry.
After numerous free cancellation bookings in -  I finally booked accommodation at Airbnb.
New users get P950 off  on their first booking, so I registered Glenn an account.
I was ready to pay P4,500 per night but was of course looking for something cheaper :D

Day1-Day 3
Shinjuku Station area P6200 for 2 nights (already with the P950 discount)

Shibuya Station area P2,984 for 1 night
I booked this 4days before our trip. I have been looking for cheap rates for a while, pero nun ko lang nakita yun.  Maybe as the trip gets closer -pag ipit ang date minumurahan na nila.  I dont know...

Portable Wifi
Global advanced comm Eco Wifi is 3480Yen for 4days ~ P1,800

Airport to Hotel  RT Tokyo Shuttle Bus 900Y/one way  ~P950/RT

It ends at Tokyo Station or Ginza Station. Just transfer to subway to Shinjuku.

Unlimited Subway Pass
Tokyo Subway Pass 1500Y for P800 for 72hours

In our previous visit, I bought the JR-Tokyo Metro-Toei for 1560Y/day.  So i spent ~5000Y/person para sa tokyo tour namin for 3 days kasi i want convenience dahil madami kami gusto puntahan.  Or i was just too lazy to study the most economical way.

But in this trip, we have all the time.  We can walk and look for Tokyo metro station and use our pass.
We actually dont have itinerary!  Ang goal lang namin is to eat  Ramen and eat at Shake Shack dahil meron sa Tokyo.
Gusto ni Glenn magikot-ikot sa Shinjuku and Shibuya - dun naman ako nakakuha ng airbnb so i dont think we will use train that much.

Let you know how this went in the next post.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Currently developing a project that involves dyeing/pigment.  Kaya been studying on color matching.
Nasurprise lang ako dito sa nakita ko.

Mixing blue+yellow will give us green ofcourse.
Pero pag sa spotlight, blue+yellow will give us white!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My first stock market experience

My engineers in the office are all into this, they started 5 months ago.  They sent me video lectures on stocks and mutual funds (pesos & sense youtube).
Well, i had the forms filled up 4 months ago and its been sitting in my desk waiting to be mailed.
So finally i mailed it to open an account.

I bought my first stock!  
Can you guess kung ano ang binili ko?

Syempre yung pinapatronize ko... ano pa edi Cebupacific. Ahahaha
I will diversify once i have spare money to invest.
I bought the stock at P84.15, sana naman tumaas. 

Its my birthday tomorrow, glenn asked me what i want as present
Eto sabi ko:  PERA!
ahahahah, mukhang pera na ako, pang stock.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 1 of Yoga

Hindi ko inakala na ever magstart ako nito.
Pero namention ng bago naming engineer na there is this class online na 30day challenge.
Nachallenge naman ako.  I have tried yoga sa Xbox Kinect and got bored.

But last night, i tried this Day 1.
When i tried this pose, hindi ko matouch ang heel sa floor.  Try nyo kaya.

Nung itinaas ang leg, parang meron naipit na muscle.  Napaupo ako, ahahaha.
sabi ko mapaparalyze ata ako sa yoga na ito.  But it felt good after the 19minute workout.

Abangan kung ganggang ilang araw ako magyoga. Lol

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Google dependent

Are you as google depended as I am?

Simple metric conversion, gino-google ko pa.
Kanina meron kaming dinidecipher na equipment manual ni boss.
I just wrote them in my note and excusing myself

Sir: Where you go? (he is doing the conversion manually)
Jamie: In my PC
Sir: Why?
Jamie: Sir, i will ask google about the conversion
Sir: Aishe, must thinking  (he meant i must convert in manually instead)
Jamie: Sir Im not Summa cumlaude like you.

Lusot ba?  LOL

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quickstrike HKG trip October 10-13, 2015

Its the first time I booked a plane ticket to HKG 2 weeks before the flight.

Since one of my engineer was to resign and have her last day at work on Oct 15, i told my boss i will have a vacation while she is still in the office to cover for me.  It didnt take 1 minute for him to say YES.   LOL

I searched for the cheapeast fare, going to HKG via Macau has the cheapest rate even if i consider the ferry ticket.  Pagod nga lang, eh $100 difference - hayaan mo ng mapagod. LOL

So unlucky that it was golden week daw, the hotel rates are sky high.  We love to stay at Royal Pacific Hotel, but the rate is  P9,000/night and I cant afford that.  

Glenn is usually at Causeway kaya i decided to find a hotel there.  But i will never stay at Holiday Inn Causeway ever again! Ang layo layo ng nilalakad!!!!

I found this Mini Hotel Causeway,  I paid ~8K for 2 nights (mahal pa yan, kasi nga golden something)
We were happy with the location. The room is tiny, and there are no slippers, but we are not complaining.

Third day namin ay mahal ang rate ng Mini Hotel Causeway kaya we transferred to Mini Hotel Central.
BIG MISTAKE!  medyo hill nga pala ang Central, kaya imagine Glenn carrying our luggage to the hotel. Take note, we bought 2 Frosta Stool in Ikea  and textile throws. Sorry Glenn :(

The weather was perfect for us, it was a bit drizzling but manageable. Hindi namin ineexpect na malamig na.   

Be warned that this post is picture-heavy.

Dinner at Bossing's home

Well, hello blogger.  Sorry its been a while.

I thought of documenting this dinner we had at my boss' because it was special to me.

i don't know if i have expressed before how I have been very lucky with bosses.
First was with Ma'am Ai in Hitachi, i learned so much from her.  Until now i try to think like her.

For 7.5 years now, my boss is a Korean guy.
Who is good in every way - very righteous.  Ang tagal na namin magkatrabaho kaya he can read me well.  Like if he instructs me to do something I dont like/understand - even if i nod, he knows! Ahahaha.

Anyway, he invited Glenn and I for dinner last Sunday.
As usual, Lunes pa lang, pagkakulit kulit na - tipong if we asked the driver the best way to go to BF Homes.

Kaya naku, Sunday naiistress ako going there.
Kasi on the dot yun pag sinabing 6PM.

He called at 5:57PM asking where I am (see?!)
I said "Inside your village, we just surrendered driver's ID"
Sir: "Oh, very nice you very easy to find our village"

Its the first time my boss met Glenn, I have met my boss' wife a few times but just a simple hi.
So that dinner gave us time to chat (and butcher my boss, ahahahah)

We were served with a lot of Korean food.  I have hailed Nolboo restaurant because they said its close to authentic, but nothing beats a home cooked meal!

The couple was happy with Glenn, kasi grabe andami nya kinain.

Wife : "We have invited you because he told me how much big help you are, thank you"
Sir:  "This is the first time in 11 years we have invited Filipino, thank you.  I want you to see us, who we are, my family."

Wow, its our honor actually.

Haay, minsan talaga pag tinotoyo ako at gusto ko maghanap ng work sa iba -  eto lang boss ko naiisip ko, ayoko iwan sa ere. Tsk.tsk

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Anne's Bridal Shower

Event Date:  January 1, 2015 3PM

After a successful New Year's Eve party, Aunt Lisa organized a bridal shower for Anne.
In all honesty, first time ko maka attend na hindi friends lang ang kasama.

Earlier before the party, Glenn and I picked up Uncle Willie from the airport
Glenn and Uncle willie went straight to Tagaytay while I enjoyed the party.

Friday, January 23, 2015


My cousin Sarah got married last December 29, 2014 at Le Jardin Rosella in Tagaytay City.
Its the best wedding service I have attended.

I took a small part in the wedding preparation.
Through this wedding, i became closer to  my cousins.
Wedding prep is stressful, and i made it more stressful to them by giving some ideas.
I actually miss our viber conversation.

Nakakaloka na ang kabonggahan ng mga wedding ngayon.
Meron na palang nagaganap na Starbucks Out of Store experience.
The bride wanted it so bad, i think its around 15,000 for 80cups.
But Starbucks wont do out of store from October-January since its peak schedule.
Nakakaloka lang..

And then for prenup... there's this place called Studio Namu na iba't ibang theme.
You rent the place for i think P6000 venue fee for 4 hours shoot.

The wedding was so nice.
Very solemn ceremony but its not to uptight.
At the reception - ang ganda ganda ng entrance.  Ang laking factor pala ng entrance.
Parang ang saya saya na buong program.

Photos from Photographer DLI films, grabbed from bride's fb

Check out their SDE to see how beautiful it is...

Overdue Post: Tokyo with Borjzilla

Trip Date:  Dec 7- 10, 2014

The first time i was in Japan in 2005 (i think), it was a 1 week business trip.
I arrived on Sunday night, worked from Monday to Friday, then left Saturday morning.

The only place ive been were Narita Airport, Shonan Dai hotel, Ministop, IBM office, a japanese resto with videoke and an italian restaurant.  I had ONE picture in that whole trip.

Early in 2014, i was sent to Tokyo for a conference
Im checking my blogpost on that - waaah! hindi ko pala naiblog!!!!
How tamad i was, that was a perfect business trip - no presentation to worry about, no companion,I just have to take all the flyers, in Tokyo.

Anyway, when i got back from that trip -  i said i want to go there with Glenn.

So, lahat ng piso fare - inabangan ko.
I booked a lot pero hindi prepaid.  Tipong i book muna, tapos discuss kay Glenn - if he is OK i go ahead and pay within the specified time.

Finally pumayag sya in March for December trip. Yey!


Wow ang Fuel surcharge!  Ngayon ay no fuel surcharge - sige, testingin nyo lang magpiso fare ngayon. hehehe.

Its 12,500 excluding insurance and luggage.  Eh saka ko na yun isipin pag malapit na.

I had a 1 year multiple from my previous visa kaya i dont need to get another.
I applied for Glenn.  Dahil kailangan personal mo isusubmit sa agency yung requirements and busy si Glenn.  I opted to do the submission of requirement via courier.  Mail the requirements and Passport and pay via bank.  P1,200 ang processing fee.
After 3 days, we had Glenn's visa.  5 Years multiple yey!

December is winter, when i was there in January - 6oC is killing me!
Buti mother in law sent a puff jacket and lots of winter clothes.  I need  not buy anything.
Glenn just got one jacket.
Nope, im not into boots :D

I wanted to stay in Shibuya or Harajuku area because thats where Glenn will be a lot of times.
Ewan ko ba, i booked a hotel in Asakusa area.
Hotel Sunroute Asakusa for 3 nights total of P10,300.

Akalain mong meron bagyo.  Supertyphoon.  Na tatama sa Manila-Cavite area.
Alam mo yung stress na tutuloy ba or hindi?  International news are talking about this supertyphoon.  Iba iba ang projected forecast nila on supertyphoon Hagupit.
Sabi ng isang kasama ko.. dont worry, baka hindi maglandfall sa Philippines - baka sa Japan.
Aehehe..dun kami papunta eh.
So i did not prepare any itinerary because i dont know kung tutuloy or hindi.
Actually tanggap ko na kung hindi matuloy eh.

Hindi pa naglalanfall sa Eastern Visaya when we left.  Good thing nagweaken sya ng bongga.

So ayun, we went there without any itinerary.
The pictures here are from Glenn's instagram

Our departure was 525AM.
We left Cavite at 2AM.  I didnt get sleep kasi galing pa ako sa trabaho and i packed and fixed some stuff.  Glenn had a little rest din kasi he was nursing our dog Oscar.

When we got to NRT, we took the train to Asakusa.
Ofcourse i scouted for the most economical way with least train transfer.
Its 1.5hours train ride.

We had a little trouble looking for the hotel.
I still cant rely on Glenn's excellent navigation skills because he didnt study the area pa.
He is only good pag nakarating na at babalikan mo.

Hay salamat we got the hotel at around 1PM.
Then glenn told me we got to hit the streets at 3PM. Sayang daw oras.
What? already?  Ok fine.
He needs me, he cant travel kasi hindi nya pa aral ang train network.

I got us a train pass for JR/Toei/Tokyo Metro for 1560Yen/day
Para magkawala wala man kami - oki lang.  Usual one way kasi is around 260-360Yen.

First stop.. Harajuku
I wanted to see the teenagers dressed uhmmm..different?

Next.. Shibuya

Pinilit ko sa Glenn na we go see the Rikugien Park Autum Light up.
Its the last day of illuminated park.
I didnt know we had to pay 300Yen each.
It wasnt hard to find the place, pero tama si Glenn - we should just have seen it during daylight.

The park was huge, grabe ang pagod ko talaga!
Kung idea ni Glenn ito, malamang tinoyo na ako. hehehe

Kung ako ang tatanungin - its a wrap na.
Pero bumalik kami sa harajuku to eat.

It would be nice if we had like this in the Philippines, hindi ka na kukulitin if you want to upsize. Hehehe


We planned to wake up early pero sobrang pagod, medyo late narin kami nagising.
We went to Odaiba, familiar ako sa place na ito because this is where i stayed dati.
What i like about going to Odaiba is the Yurikamome train.

Us with Gundam..finally!
I love this photo Glenn took of me.. ganda-gandahan

Yes, Glenn got to take home one :D

Ueno Park early morning.  Love!

This, by far is the best trip Ive had with Glenn.
Great weather, i love the food here, people are so nice.  I LOVE IT HERE!!!!

We'll definitely go back.  I dont know after how many years, but will see you again Japan!