Friday, November 7, 2014

Cool Place daw

Sinakyan ko naman na I will send photos.  Ano naman kaya isesend ko. Ahahaha

Monday, August 25, 2014

Live shopping

Yesterday, MIL called asking us what we need because they were on their way to Walmart to send us groceries.  I couldnt think of anything more because she sends us everything.  But we figured she'll send a box anyway, might as well think of something.  Olive oil and velveeta with jalopeno! :)
Glenn wants Chamba Chai and Special K cereal :)

Minutes later, Glenn's messenger kept popping, Josen sending him photos of what's in store and have us pick out. Wow live shopping!

Josen: etong chai, gusto mo?
Glenn:  yoko nyan, Chamba chai kirkland ata yun.

Josen: Anong sa cookies dito?
Glenn:  Kahit ano, basta mura

Josen: sensitive ba teeth nyo!
Glenn:  Kahit ano, kung ano mura

Humirit si Glenn ng...
"Anong hotwheels dyan?"
Josen posts... Konti lang, panget.

I am reminded to use whats in my pantry. 
Bago pa magka expire-expire.  So i cooked lemon pepper chicken wings and     
cooked the beans in can.

Ano na naman kaya ang mailuto para bukas...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Some photos

Im cleaning iphones storage and i renember i have to blog about this...

Clubhouse... Cant stop making them.  Uta na si Glenn, eto parati nya baon. 
Kahit sa inuman, eto prepare ko :)

Ramen is officially our favorite international food.

Just goofin' around :)
Glenn, maawa ka naman - sagad ang gas!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nolboo Night

Nolboo dinner because..
Mawawala na naman si bossing for business trip. Argh, audit pa naman :(


Lazy Sunday

I cooked breakfast and lunch.
Then went to Noveleta to cut grass but dad has done it already.

So i was returning the favor by washing his car :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

30 slides nalang! :)

Pinatos ko yung groupon on Photobook.
I think its P600 for P2100 value.
Mageexpire na, kaya kailangan ko na matapos ang album ni Patrice.
naka 10 slides na ako, 30 nalang! Yahoo!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sige bile!

Bili ng bili para gawin ganito....

7th Wedding Anniversary

We both filed vacation leave.
I didn't know why, so i scheduled passport renewal on this day to make our day a little productive.
Our passports will expire April 2015 pa, pero diba you cant use it pag 6months before the expiry? (bakit ba ganun?! Miski 3)
Ayoko na umabsent pa kami ulit.  I booked for an appointment in Megamall (dun available ang slot for 28th during the time of booking).

I was telling Glenn we should eat at Vikings, pero hesitant sya kasi luge daw.

On the way to Megamall, ang lakas ng ulan.

We made it on time.
Wow, ganda na pala ng Megamall

Ofcourse, a trip to Uniqlo is required.
Ako padin ang nasunod .... we had our lunch at Vikings.
Glenn had 5 sets of this.  Now tell me kung hindi sulit?

 Sinulit ni Glenn, cheesecake, velvet cake, tamarind juice, 2 different shots of coffee, green tea and avocado ice cream.
We had nice time from 1230-230.
I believe it was sulit.  Lunch rate on Weekdays is P688.

Check out our photo session at red house..

 Nagulat kami na nagvolunteer si dadi to join us, so we called mom din :D

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Throwback: Family Bohol Trip (May 2014)

Months ago, my dad says he wanted to go to Batanes.
So check agad ako ng fare.
If we will go as a family, i told  myself to book flight tipong sa weekend na, or next weekend.
Ayoko na ng 2 weeks or 3 weeks or 1 year from now.
I want to make sure kasi na walang issues, hindi yung tipong me bagyo, me sakit si kwan or something.
Ayun, pagcheck ko 100K+ ang fare pa-Batanes. Ahahaha
So kinalimutan ko na.  Plus, i hear na propeller ang flight dun...tama ba?

Buti nalang nanonood ng Byahe ni Drew si Master.
tapos napagusapan nila ang Bohol.  So mom asked if he wants to go there.
Ayun, emailed me agad na Go daw si Master.
Aba, kahit anong busy ko sa work - eh magagawan ng paraan ang pagbobook.
My boss was still in Canada so I cant book the weekend, so i booked the following weekend.
This has been the most expensive airfare ticket ive booked for us.
Our fare to Japan in December is 6K/pax... eto 7.3K/pax to Tagbilaran.
Keber na!  Dad is paying, lol.

I booked the 9AM flight from PAL.
Naisip ko kasi i dont want us waiting too long to check in the hotel.
I booked Dumaluan Beach Resort. (DBR2)
Yes, i heard horrible stories of their service.  But i was particular with the nice beach and cheap accomodation.
I booked 2 Superior deluxe (P2,150/room + P400 extra bed/breakfast)

I have been exchanging text messages with Kuya Tatsky for the airport transfer and countryside tour.
When we got to the airport, unfortunately hindi kami nagkita ng kateam ni Kuya Tatsky.
But outside the airport, meron din van taxi.  I asked the rate, it was P800 to Dumaluan Beach resort.
After 3 seconds, they lowered it to P600.  I accepted it, kasi ito din ang rate ng hinihintay namin.
although I preferred Innova sana para mas malamig.

When we got to Dumaluan, hintay kami ng 2PM to check in.
So we decided to have lunch muna, it was 1230noon.
I heard that the restaurant ni DBR2 is exorbitantly expensive, kaya i had them walk a bit to the neighboring restaurant DBR1.  Its not actually a restaurant, parang meron lang tent sa labas.

My sungit dad is nakasimangot and said "Gaano ba kamahal doon sa restaurant?"
Ahahaha, tawanan kami.  Oo nga naman, makakabayad naman siguro kami.
Ahahaha, im so cruel to let the senior citizens eat at the scorching heat of the sun.
Dami kong tawa.

Ayun, we ate at the Kan-an restaurant, hindi naman sobra sobrang mahal.
Mom paid ~P2400 for sinigang, sisig, lomi, chicken, kangkong, rice and drinks.
Soda is P70, beer is P60.
So i told everybody, next time dapat beer orderin kasi mas mura. ahahahaha

Our room was ready at exactly 2PM
Patrice says "Why are we always waiting?"
OO nga naman, from ParknFly to airport to airport to restaurant.

When we checked in the room.
Patrice said "Mama, Im kawawa.  Mommy says need to rest so cant swim yet"
I heard her and said "Patrice, go get dressed, i will join you in the pool"
Takbo sya sa kanila tapos bumalik
"Chiki, mommy says maybe you are tired"
Jamie:  ganito sabihin mo kay mommy "Chiki says she wants to swim, asked me to join her"
Ayun, tuwang tuwa si loka.

Here are the photos..

Fine sand, clear water. Love it!

 Kuya Tatsky arrived at 9AM, i was surprised he is touring us himself.  I found out about him through Pinoyexchange.  He is such a good tour guide, very knowledgeable of Bohol.  We learned so much about from him.

   First stop was Bohol Bee Farm.
   P30 for tour
   Patrice eating ice cream.  They have the best ice cream ever, i especially loved the langka flavor.  Malunggay was good too!

The tour started with them explaining the herbs.  I smelled Taragon, amoy rootbear :)
Its a Bee Farm so it just feels wrong not to post a photo of the bees.
I appreciate the lecture about the bees :)

It would be awesome to dine with this view..

 At the fake Blood Compact Site.
There's a beautiful hotel next to it.  Cant wait to try that next time.

 Loboc River Cruise.
Kuya Tatsky says that if we are more particular with the food - we should take the Loaoy Cruise because food is better.
Pero dahil mas trip namin ang maenjoy ang view - we take the Loboc River Cruise.
Oh yeah, the food was so so.

One of the churches affected by the earthquake last year 

 Then off to Chocolate hills.
The chocolate hills is not made of soil, but of corals/rock/limestone.

 Man Made forest is Bohol's preventive measure to flood.

 Tarsier Sanctuary..

 We went Dolphin watching the next day.
I was so happy to see the dolphins swimming (lots and lots of them).
I put down my camera and enjoy the moment.

We went to Balicasag for snorkeling, i didnt have a photo :(
Its the best snorkeling site ive been to.  Well, i havent been to much anyway.

 Virgin nice!

This was a very memorable trip :_